WHO Gives Caution Ahead Of School Reopening Plans


COVID-19 curve continues to flatten in the country, WHO secretary-general Dr. Tedro in a daily briefing conference has warned Kenyans to take precautions and measures more serious despite the curve flattening.

This comes in as there have been speculations about re-opening schools across the country following the Cs Magoha announcement, which indicated the possibility of school re-opening in the next two weeks if the COVID-19 curve continues to flatten in the same rate as it currently is. Following an earlier announcement and directive from WHO that any country that will have an infectious rate of either 5% or less than 5% will have the go-ahead to reopen their country and get back to normalcy.

Parents, students, and teachers are eagerly waiting for the ministry of education Cs Magoha to issue actual dates and times when schools will be re-opened in the course of the week. This has created tension and anxiety across the country when schools will reopen and students going back to their schools.

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