What To Consider When Buying a Laptop. Key Things

When Buying a Laptop

The laptop has now become a common tool in a recent generation it is widely used in modern technology since it is fast efficient and more so its accuracy.its used for e-learning,,by learners or students ,,here are some of the things to consider when purchasing one,,

  1. Budget, When buying a laptop It shall help you determine what you are going for and price you are looking at,,,

2. Purpose, What you want to do with Laptop. I.e online research if u want to binge movies nothing else go for the one with good quality screenGTX1050 TI.X50 means entry-level. x60 means mainstream. x70 means the high end. x80 means enthusiasts TI means titan. therefore GTX1050 TI means the best entry-level GPU.

When Buying a Laptop

Concerning Intel core i5 and i7 look at the generation of these 2 processors at setting section you will see i5-8200u first 8 means 8th generation (latest is 9).avoid rushy decisions also look at;

  • Its storage type sad/HDD/hybrid
  • man battery size
  • Ram size and type
  • CPU(GHz, cores, logical processor
  • Graphic card for visual people.
  • Upgradability
  • Access to memory, storage.
  • WiFi adapters and many more.
When Buying a Laptop

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