Why People Are Migrating From Whatsapp To Signal

From Whatsapp To Signal

Signal and Telegram seem to be the apps people are leaving Whatsapp for Signal .

Some great security and privacy concerns have arisen this past week with Whatsapp, the messaging app. This is after the app announced major mandatory usage changes. Have you seen this message on your app?

The move has caused criticism on social networks with people condemning how the messaging app captures information or data from users.

The new terms state that Whatsapp will have the permission to receive and gather information from your cellular device and do with it as they wish, most of it being shared with Facebook.

Such information includes your account information, your messages (both delivered and undelivered), your connections, transactions and payments data, and all other manners of information conveyed through the app.

There is no option to opt-out of these changes and all those who do not agree to the terms will be logged out by February 8th.

Following this announcement, the Signal and Telegram applications seemed to have gained millions of downloads within just a couple of days. Over 2.5 million of them. The two rival platforms offer more security, privacy, messaging options, channels, storage solutions, and secret chats.

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