What Your Employer Will Never Tell You Ever, Like When to SACK You.


Employer, Sometimes ago I was discussing with an elder friend of mine. He is the owner and proprietor of a school and he had about 32 employees. We sat down together to talk about his school and how we could make it more profitable.

Guess one of those things he was planning so as to have a more lucrative business? He told me, “So and so will be sacked in the next three weeks or so”. I asked him, “Have you informed her about your plan (to sack her)?”

He answered, “NO”

He as well told me about someone he planed to sack soon (probably in the next 3 months) and another lady he was planning to sack (maybe in the next one year or so, depending on whenever he finds a chance to do so).

Now think about this.

His employees never knew about this plans. They think they had a job, while their employer has already mapped out how he would send them off his business. Few months after our discussion, my elder friend carried out his plan and sacked those marked employees.

Do you say this is evil?

Maybe. But you see, you never can tell what your employer is planning against you, except you’re indispensable in his business.

There are indispensable employees.

Their employers cannot do without them or it’s very difficult to do without them. Such employees hold the pillars of the business or they are contributing to the progress of their employers` business in such a way nobody else can.

If you think you’re indispensable to your employer or the organization you’re working for, then you’re safe. If otherwise, you never can tell what your employer is planning against you. I’m telling you this because I’m an employer. I employ people and fire too, if I have reason to do so.

It’s painful but it’s also the truth. As an entrepreneur, one of the things we were trained to do is to employ and to fire. I’m very sorry. Entrepreneurs rarely see firing employees as a bad thing.You simply can’t tell what your employer is planning for you!

Sometimes back Barclays bank (Absa) decided to sack some staff in various branches where I had someone working. All they did was to send an email and/or a phone call.

I need to ask you something. Do you think the management of that bank just made the decision to sack those employees that afternoon? I tell you the truth, they might have planned it a year before. You simply cannot tell what your employer is planning, unfortunately.

A man called me around last year and told me a very pathetic story. The day was Friday and he prepared and went to work (as usual). The boss simply called him to his office and announced, “Thank you, Mr. XYZ. Your service is no longer needed here”

You just can’t tell what your employer is planning for you! That’s why I laugh whenever I hear an employee saying, “The reason why I can’t start a business is that I have no capital” They give excuses to make themselves happy.

When you’re sacked, what would you do?

Someone I know very well left his growing business to get a job (Imagine this crazy society where everyone loves job!) 10 years after he had been employed, he was fired and went back to point zero.

I’m not telling you the story I saw in a movie. I’m telling you the real-life story of someone I know very closely. I don’t know maybe something is wrong with me, but I always find myself thinking about what everyone thinks. I mean, independence is the number one thing everyone should FIGHT for.

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