7 Things You Should Never Search For on Google

Never Search For on Google

They say Google has all the answers and it surely has but the information found in Google is not verified anyone can write anything on Google. Just to be on the safe side here a some of the things that you should never search just for your own good.

1. Your Name

You should never search your name about your name this is because the answer you will get will not be pleasing or it gives a different and bad meaning to your name and you won’t like it, anyway many people have tried to Google their name.

2. Cancer

Sometimes people get symptoms that are suspicious and the first thing they run to search and such cancer signs, you will actually die before you know it, just visit a doctor.


If you have ever been infected by bedbugs you know how disgusting they are, when you Google the images of bedbugs you can actually start scratching your whole body.

4. Giving birth

According to alot of movies giving birth is always portrayed by screams. Just to remain sane and know kids are blessings anyone stood googling this especially while pregnant.

5. Skin Creams.

People should learn that everyone has a different skin tone a d whatever works for one perso may nit necessarily work for you.

6. Smokers lungs

It is no news that smokers are liable to exiting this life of sin while they are young. Almost all the ministries of health in the world warn us about this. And trust me, you do not want to find out what a smoker’s lung actually looks like on Google. You don’t.

7. Your Symptoms

When you get sick some people become Google doctors and try to diagnose themselves this is so wrong

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