I Noticed My Daughter Spends Longer Time In The Bathroom, See What I Caught Her Doing.


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My name is mummy Janet, that’s what most people call me, Janet is the only daughter I have, and I’ve vowed to make sure she becomes someone great in life, if not for anything but for the fact that she’s the only daughter I have.

Thinking about my husband? I’m a widow, my husband died two years after our marriage, I love my husband so much, that after his death, I couldn’t give another man a chance in my life again, so I decided to focus on my daughter and take proper care of her.

My daughter is in SS2, I can’t deny the fact my daughter is pretty, and most people do say that this makes me cherish her a lot, my daughter is not only pretty, but she’s also brilliant, she’s has won different quiz for her school on different occasions, and this makes her school teacher, likes her.

I could remember there was a time she felt sick, and couldn’t go to school, for two days, almost half of the students in her school, stormed our compound the third day, saying they wants to see her, I never knew people so much care for her to that extent, i smiled that day “Your friend is fine, she’s only having malaria ” I said to them that day, I inquired on three of her teachers to come inside and check on her, so as to make them relieved.

I know my daughter is friendly with everyone, doesn’t have the mind of fighting, but I still do warn her, not to do anything that’s against God’s will, as doing such thing will ruin and destroy her future, which she do promise me, she will never do such a thing.

If there is anything my daughter loves so much, aside God and me, it’s chocolate, she can spend her last card on it, so I do buy it for her in large quantity, but at a time a friend of mine warned me, that I should stop her from taking it for a while, as too much of it will have effect on her health.

I talked to my daughter about it and she agreed, there is nothing I tell my daughter to do, she won’t do and this increase my love for her, and made me determined to spend my last card on her, even if it’s for me to sell my property, just to make her smile, happy and fulfilled.

During the end of their second term exam, she starts developing some strange attitude, which starts making me suspicious of whether she has starts keeping bad friends, it’s during their exam, she needs enough time to concentrate, I do not want to accuse her wrongly, so she won’t get distracted, so I decided to let the issue stay and continue praying for her, that God should watch over her but obviously something is wrong somewhere, my daughter is now doing something suspicious.

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I decided to wait till the end of her exam, before asking her any question, concerning her suspicious acts she has been engaging in recently.

Before challenging her, I decided to talk to my best friend first about it, so she could advise me on what I should do.

After she has left for school one day, I dressed up and went to meet my friend in her shop.

On getting to her shop, she wasn’t there it was her sale’s rep I met, she told me she will soon be back, that I should wait for her which I did, I decided to start reading some interesting articles on the opera news app on my phone, I followed every writer that writes interesting article and drops a comment after reading them, as that will encourage them to do better.

I was so much carried away by the news and articles I was reading that I didn’t notice, time is one hour gone, I decided to leave, as I was about leaving, I saw her coming “Good evening friend ” we both greeted each other, I discussed the issue about my daughter with her, which she advised me to let her be, till the end of the exam, but I should make sure I’m monitoring her, and praying for her.

After her exam, and her report card came, as usual my daughter performed excellently and made me happy again, now it’s time for me to monitor her.

I noticed my daughter spends longer time in the bathroom, which she doesn’t do so before, normally she doesn’t use more than 5-8 minutes when bathing, but this time around she spends 15-20 minutes in the bathroom, “what could she be doing that could be taking her so long?” I asked myself this question everyday but couldn’t come up with a reasonable answer.

However, now that her exam is over, it’s high time for me to know what she’s doing, I never wanted to accuse her of something bad wrongly, because I know it will affect her emotions, for three days I kept monitoring her.

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One early morning as well, I saw her heading to the bathroom with her phone, I decided to monitor her closely this time around, as she entered into the bathroom, I silently tiptoed to the front of her bathroom, for the first 3 minutes she was busy pouring water on her body, and it’s obvious she was bathing, then after a while, everything ceases, “silence in the bathroom”!

What’s happening? Over 3 minutes she has finish bathing, yet no sound neither does it appear as if she’s dressing, I entered into the bathroom with force, to see with my eyes what she is doing, to my greatest surprise, I saw my daughter eating the chocolate, which I forbid her not to eat, what? What are you doing? Didn’t I tell you not to eat this again? I was surprised, shocked, and couldn’t believe my eyes, I cried severely because I never expected my daughter to do such a thing.

She rushed after me with tears in her eyes, I entered into my room and was crying I never expected my daughter to steal, she came after me and was begging with tears in her eyes, she held my leg tight, and asked me to forgive her, that she will never do such again.

Of course, I love my daughter, I have no choice than to forgive her, I love her so much, though what I caught her doing in the bathroom is bad, and made me cry, I have to forgive her, I love her.

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