“NO elections 2022?” Oburu Odinga Remarks That CAUSED Mixed Reactions

Oburu Odinga

Today, Oburu Odinga, a brother to Raila Odinga took to his Facebook page and claimed that there might be no elections in 2022. He continued to say that Raila Odinga was sworn in 2017 as people’s president but handing over since the illegitimate one (Uhuru Kenyatta) was in power. He also said that Raila Odinga will take over with no elections held.

What if NO elections 2022? The Deep State of Kenya is not someone’s agemate. There might be no Presidential election next year because in 2017, a people’s President was sworn in and handing over didn’t materialize because an illegitimate one was in office. 2022 he will resume office without elections. Jump, turn, or roll.

Oburu Odinga

His remarks didn’t go well, with some Kenyans blasting him for his words. Here are some of the comments:

Arap Cheruiyot: Your desperation for the presidency will kill your thinking capacity. Has it reached a time when you say what if Lake Victoria vanished?

What if River Nyando will disappear in 2022? I think it has never appeared in your mind, likewise to elections in Kenya. As it is stipulated in the constitution, it remains so forever.

Wa Cũcũ: The Enigma side has started sensing defeat. Kenyans, this is good. Our beautiful country is growing, its people (citizens) are becoming mature. This good and it is supposed to be just like that. Preparing your mind on things to come, either good or dor bad.

Victor Kethan: This should be voted as a joke of the millennium . Is this a Banana Republic? So since Deepstate stripped Nairobians of their electrol rights of choosing a governor, do they think they will deny a whole republic of choosing a leader of their choice?They better dream big and better.

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Legeno Abraham Rotich: We know Odingas want Presidency so badly that Jaramogi begged Moi for even a few hours, Raila is now hallucinating to even think it will be delivered on a silver platter. When God says yes, nobody can say no. For Odingas, it’s like (am not sure)God said NO. It’s gone to Kenyatta’s twice. Just accept and move on.

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