Dennis Itumbi Quick Defence From Senator Cheruiyot ‘Curse’ On Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei’s killers


Dennis Itumbi a Digital Strategist in the office of the President has quickly reacted over Kericho’s Senator Aaron Cheruiyot’s statements of a curse to those that murdered Sergeant Kenei asserting that they did their little bit for Kenei’s family and Children.

On Friday, Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot took to his twitter handle a post lamenting about the death of Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei who was Cop manning the office of the Deputy President putting in that he really doubts how the life of Kenei ended.

Cheruiyot expressed his relationship with the Sergeant asserting that he knew Kenei quite well, noting that he was a good man. 

The Senator also extended a curse on those that killed Sergeant Kenei, saying that if Kenei was Killed “May his Killers never know peace”.

“Kenei is someone I knew quite well. A good man. Sad how his life ended. If he was Killed, May his Killers never know peace. Same goes for those who see in his death, an opportunity to play little political games,” Cheruiyot penned.

His statements which seemed to hold a lot of weight brought Itumbi’s attention who after a few minutes replied asserting that they really cared about the whereabouts of Kenei’s family and children through a fundraiser.

“The fundraising for his children and family was done and I can confirm we all did our little bit for Kenei,” Itumbi wrote

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