See What CS Fred Matian’gi Told Kenyans When He was in Nyamira County.

What CS Fred Matian'gi Told Kenyans

Interior CS Fred Matian’gi was in a thanksgiving Ceremony in Nyamira County together with the Senator for Nyamira county and other Nyamira MCAs and political leaders.

During his speech, CS Fred Matian’gi told Kenyans to avoid political leaders who only inflict them with heartrate and inciting them against their fellow Kenyans. Matian’gi further told Kenyans that if they continue with the heart rate then the country will be at war come 2022.

He further told political leaders to maintain law and order while holding a political campaign. CS Fred Matian’gi added that political leaders should follow the rules set on holding political rallies.

Senate majority leader Samuel Pogisho on the other hand criticized DP Ruto for moving around the country giving Kenyans things like wheelbarrows and donations without President Kenyatta’s instructions while campaigning at the same time.

Senator Pogisho further added that DP Ruto should do his role as President Kenyatta’s assistant rather than to campaign.

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