Amount Of Money And Allowances Chief Justice Are Paid Monthly

Chief Justice Are Paid Monthly

Amount Of Money And Allowances Retired Chief Justice David Maraga Was Being Paid Monthly.

Yesterday, the retired CJ David had officially left office and he has also officially handed over power to the acting CJ Philomena Mwilu who will act I’m the position up to a time when a new Chief Justice will be brought in.

The outgoing CJ David Maraga is one of the top officials in the country and during his tenure, he was being paid a very huge amount monthly and according to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC), the Chief Justice is paid 1.4 million Kenya shillings every Month as basic salary.

He was also entitled to allowances like the medical cover, security, travel allowance, house allowance, commuter allowance, security, official Government vehicles with customized number plates, etc.

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