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Ford Kenya Party Leader Hon Wetangula Makes A Major Debut At Naitiri Leaving Coup Plotters In Tears!

Hon Moses Masika Wetangula

Ford Kenya Party Leader Moses Masika Wetangula ”The Simba is very much alive, alert, steady, and roaring.”

The people of Naitiri and Tongaren Constituency at large could not hide their love and support for the Ford Kenya Party Leader Hon Moses Masika Wetangula.

Naitiri was thrown into cheers, songs, vehicles, and motorcycles hooting and ululations in praise for Hon Moses Masika Wetangula.

The people of Tongeren registered their long-term suffering under the leadership of an incompetent Member of Parliament and a bogus former Ford Kenya Secretary-General who largely contributed to the Ford Kenya party being dormant.

Tongaren also decried isolation from the county government projects decrying poor road networks among other basic amenities.

Replying to their woes Hon Moses Masika Wetangula assured them that the time for a change of guard in Tongeren is now, the change for the better, and equally regretted supporting a Barnabas who has turned a major development obstacle in Bungoma county development.

What is happening at Naitiri and Tongaren at large is just but semi rehearsal of what awaits the purported 21st BOMAS National Drama Conference by the three Bungoma comedians.

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