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Wedding During COVID 19: “Well, we have Shot 2 COVID- 19 Weddings so Far and This is What I have to Say.”

Wedding On COVID 19

Wedding Themed is different, different is beautiful! Think about the events unfolding and not the number of people. You may think you have a lot of time just because people are few and end up messing the entire day that would have been short and sweet.

Have a unit of service providers.

Go creative. With the few people, you can still have lots of fun and breathtaking moments with the right directing. We have some amazing ones here. Make it interesting. In the below photos, I am glad I quickly thought about the customized masks and the photos of the invited guests in the church as they were watching live from Facebook and YouTube anyway.

I thought to have their photos there is surely a psychological tactic to excite the mind for the few present. What do you think?

Wedding Photo

Engage your few service providers for any creative ideas they may have. They can sure surprise you. Also trust them 🙂 . Remember you choose them because they have done something right.

It is not about the money all the time but the season. Believe me, couples from both weddings would comfortably host their 1000 guests without blinking hehee… It is LIVING and celebrating LIFE in all seasons

Remember everyone will want to leave by 5pm to meet the president’s curfew directive. A short and sweet day is everything.

La mwisho, don’t forget the photographer too will be leaving at the same 5pm hehee… Schedule for photo-session as in any other wedding. Despite the media card you know what happens with our police system sometimes. Even when the client is a person of influence in society, it may not help as by the time I make that call to reach home my equipment may be lost or broken in the confusion. Worse, data may get lost too. Better safe than sorry. A SHORT AND SWEET DAY WOULD BE A REAL DEAL.

Wedding Church Photo

Safaripark was great for reception. 4people per table.

Usiogope wedding. This was actually really lovely. Kama photographers tuko na zile lenses huwa tunaita telephoto. We can document your big day while observing physical distancing heheee…


Article by: Brenda Photography

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