“We Will Not BOW DOWN to This Nonsense of Your BBI Anymore Just Leave UHURU ALONE,” Mp Tells Raila

"We Will Not BOW DOWN to This Nonsense of Your BBI Anymore Just Leave UHURU ALONE," Mp Tells Raila

Kikuyu Mp Kimani Ichng’wa has told off Raila Odinga together with his allied politicians for trying ways to suffocate the efforts to salvage an ordinary Kenyan from problems involving the Pandemic by putting BBI in front of all the other affairs in the Country.

In a video shared through the Twitter handle of Nation Africa, the lawmaker said that right now, Kenyans have a lot of problems including lack of food and other necessities that require quick attention. He urged that many parents have no school fees to pay for their children who will be going to school in January, and even others are not sure if they will go back to the schools they were learning from.

“Those Children who are at Home will not wait until we change the Constitution so that we have the political seats for the bigger politicians in Kenya. They need education.

Please let us focus on the things that affect an ordinary Kenyan for now, like where will they get food, if the doctors strike today and Kenyans go to Hospitals, who will treat them, and as January is approaching, where will the school fees come from. “The Mp said.

Hon. Ichng’wa said that we are going towards the new financial year and yet they have never been given a Cent to give Bursary to the needy students. He added that the Counties have not received the money for a period of four months now and yet they are demanding 35% which is not available.

The Mp said that He was one of the Budget Committee members and He knows that the 35% that the governors are asking will not be available.

“As we are seated Here, all the members of parliament can tell you that it is now months and we have not received money to support the needy students in the Society.

And I want to tell Governor Jackson Mandago that I was the Chairman of the committee for the allocation of funds for this financial year and we had problems to give you the 17%that you asked for. Now, where will the 35% come from? “The lawmaker wondered.

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Kimani Ichng’wa was seconded by His Counterpart member of parliament for Mumias Hon. Benjamin Washiali who claimed that in the last one week, He has buried four people in His Constituency alone.

He urged Uhuru Kenyatta to stop the BBI games immediately and focus on saving Kenyans from the whole troubles that they are facing right now in Life, including the striking doctors whom Kenyans depend on to save lives.

” Our doctors are not even complaining about the salary. They just want the protective gears. And the same is the same interests in Kenyans because if the Doctors die like now, no one will treat Kenyans.

I please ask Uhuru Kenyatta to stop the BBI Campaigns and focus on the top priorities. I have buried a total of four people within one week in my Constituency alone in the last seven days. “Hon. Washiali said.

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