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“We are Born With Nothing and Die with nothing,” Mwangi Kiunjuri says After Sack

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Kiunjuri has been seen as a key contender, keen on taking over the mantle from Uhuru as the Mt Kenya kingpin ahead of the next election.

“I am not going anywhere… I will be with you around…I thank God. Having in the recent past gone through a difficult year, I have endured humiliation and only God and my family know how it made me feel,” he said. Addressing the media on Tuesday, Kiunjuri thanked his family for standing by him and giving him strength.

“I have given my best to the assignment that I was given… I leave with my head high… I turn a new page knowing very well that when God closes one door there is another door that will open,” he said.

Noting that for any action there will be a reaction, Kiunjuri asked his supporters not to cry for him.

“Be confident, don’t cry for me for we shall overcome… I have faced many challenges but I have courage, determination, and faith,” he said.”Knowing that it would be a bumpy road, I shall remain independent and firm through my political career.”

Kiunjuri said President Uhuru Kenyatta is his friend, adding that there is no animosity between them. He was sacked on Tuesday when Uhuru reshuffled his Cabinet.

In addition, he has come under criticism for the woes that have been facing farmers in Uhuru’s backyard as well as across the country.

While at the Agriculture ministry, Kiunjuri had faced criticism over the government’s inability to tackle the locust menace.

Kiunjuri had initially said the government would tackle the menace within two weeks, but later said it was a hard task to complete.

In 2018, Kiunjuri warned that he would not allow anyone to intimidate him over the maize scandal, following calls for his resignation.

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