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Wazito FC Show How Their Stadium Will Look Like On Completion

Wazito FC has unveiled final designs showing how their stadium will look once constructed.

The Kenyan Premier League (KPL) side could be preparing its own facilities for convenience purposes, having already indicated that they plan to pull out of all competitions run by Football Kenya Federation (FKF), including the KPL in order to introduce and participate in their dream league christened the East African League (EAL).

That being the case, it could prove difficult for them to secure venues for use given that all the available facilities have already been booked for matches organized by the federation.

The club’s president Ricardo Bedoer said last month he had already initiated the paperwork for the new league days after accusing FKF president Nick Mwendwa of embezzling funds meant for clubs and development.

While fielding questions from a Sports TV channel host in April, Mr. Ricardo said that the proposed league would incorporate the best 10 teams drawn from all the East African countries.

Said he: “I may consider breaking free to start my own league, a major league like they have in the USA, of 10 teams spread out over East Africa.”

Asked if he had at any one time considered pulling out of Kenya as had been widely speculated sometime back, Mr. Ricardo said that he had already settled his mind on investing in local football despite the rampant corruption currently witnessed in the management of sports in the region.

“I’ve not given up on investing in Kenyan football, only that I have to rethink my relationship with FKF because it’s becoming difficult to do business with them.

He lashed out at Football Kenya Federation whose activities he described as opaque, even questioning its accountability for sponsorship funds while adding that there was nothing much done around to justify their use.

“I’ve realized that it’s not easy to work with the federation because there is no transparency in what the money spent by the sponsors is used on. Somehow, magically, all the money disappears. If you look around, there is no money spent on the players or infrastructure. So where does all that money go? That’s what I’d like to know.”

Mr. Ricardo appealed to stakeholders to think of ways of owning and running the sport if they nursed any hopes the situation might improve anytime soon.

“That’s why I’m starting to think, if we want to start developing sports in Kenya or East Africa then we have to do it all by ourselves. We need to take trouble and start digging and building and not to rely on those kind of people whose only interest is to fill their pockets.”

Ricardo said that the huge East African population made the region most conducive for sports investment.

If we have a league that connects all East Africa, we shall have a profitable league whose proceedings will be used to give back to the community to develop sports even more.”

Ricardo acquired majority stakes in the club and invested heavily in signing players but the team only managed to scrape through the relegation zone.

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