Morning Drama as Kiambu Ex-Governor Waititu’s Son Is Nabbed While Drunk Driving a ProBox

Kiambu Ex-Governor Waititu's Son Is Nabbed While Drunk

Drama ensued alone the busy Muindi Bingu street in Nairobi after a young man believed to the former Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu’s son was nabbed.

According to sources, Ndung’u was arrested in the wee hours of Monday morning, March 15, 2021, while drink-driving a Toyota Probox on Muindi Mbingu Street in Nairobi County.

Police officers talking to the media said that by the time they were arresting Ndung’u he was not in his right state 9f mind to control his motor vehicle.

The young man was then ferried to court where he pleaded guilty to the offense, he requested the judge to forgive him as he was not going to repeat the heinous act.

Kiambu Ex-Governor Waititu's Son Is Nabbed While Drunk

Ndung’u was however released on a 30 thousand Kenya shillings bond or serve three months Jail time.

At the time of going to press, the 25-year-old Strathmore University law student had not paid the fine, telling K24 reporters that he only had Sh10,000.

Drunk driving is a serious road offense that is punishable by law, most of these deadly road accidents have occurred as a result of some rogue drivers who were nabbed driving under the influence of alcohol.

In the past few months, Kenyans have witnessed some shocking and devastating accidents that have left loved ones dead or nursing life-threatening injuries in hospitals.

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