How BBI will Prevent Despot president – Vuguvugu Leadership.

Two Meru administrators launch a campaign under – Vuguvugu leadership to rally residents to support BBI and referendum.

Fears over a future dictator president are troubling some Mt Kenya leaders and residents to push for the BBI referendum, a section of Meru leaders say.

The Meru Vuguvugu leadership is worried that Mt Kenya region’s indecisiveness to back the BBI may return to haunt the region.

Vuguvugu, a rights organisation of politicians and  professionals, said it is time to rectify and amend the 2010 Constitution to remove the few clauses it says undermine governance.

Deputy President William Ruto had campaigned against the 2010 Constitution. Recently he has endorsed some BBI provisions but has been lukewarm about the entire process.

He faces a dilemma over endorsing BBI in toto, or not

Gitobu Nkanata, the Mikinduri town administrator, and Anderson Kathendu, the Tigania administrator, said they are rallying Meru residents behind BBI.

Politician Shadrack Mwiti urged Meru residents to support BBI because, he claimed, it will uplift Kenyan’s economy.

Sixteen Mt Kenya East MPs did not attend the BBI signature collection launch at Chuka town on Monday.

Vuguvugu chairman George Kinyua said he is impressed by the seven years’ taxation freedom for jobless Kenyans. People with no income, however, don’t pay tax.

Nkanata said many regions were marginalised for 24 years during former President Daniel Moi’s reign when tea, coffee and other crop prices tumbled.

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“Farmers have been suffering since then. BBI will redefine and revive agriculture for the better. It is about our children and the generations to come, “Nkanata said.

“What we need are  resources at the grassroots and BBI is the solution. Don’t listen to propaganda; law is not cast on stone, it can be amended.

“What if Mt Kenya goes to the ballot with a single candidate? Moi developed areas he favoured but this is sorted through BBI,” Nkanata said.

Kathendu said any constitutional changes directly affect the lives of the people and the political class should not deceive citizens.

“The amendments will bring resources to mwananchi. BBI also aims to entrench peace and tranquility. Let us be the pillar. Businesses have boomed since the March 9, 2018, handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

“Vuguvugu won’t sit back but fully support BBI,” Kathendu said.

Article by The Star

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