Huge Blow to Magufuli After This is Expose About Tanzanian’s Vice President Maalim Seif

President Maalim Seif

Maalim Seif the first Vice President of Zanzibar a self-governing state has died a few days after being confirmed that he had tested positive for the Covid-19 pandemic and was under medication.

Maalim Seif lost Zanzibar’s Presidential polls in October 2020, he was encompassed in Government by his opponent Hassan Mwinyi, won the elections and Maalim Seif was appointed the vice president of the statesman Mwinyi, the Zanzibar’s president has called for days grieving for following the untimely death of his vice president with Maalim.

Tanzania’s President John Pombe Magufuli has not been left behind in the mourning of the late Vice President saying it was a big hit and loss to the people of Tanzania and Zanzibar Kwage.

Maalim Seif

“Nimepokea kwa masikitiko ya kifo cha Mhe. Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad, aliyekuwa Makamu wa Kwanza wa Rais wa Zanzibar. Natoa polThewTheais wa Zanzibar Mhe. Dkt. Mwinyi, Familia, Wazanzibari, wanachama wa ACT-Wazalendo na Watanzania wote. Mungu is eked mahali pema peponi,Amina” – said Magufuli.

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