Vice President Kamala Harris Salary & Allowances

US Vice President Kamala Harris Salary

Kamala Harris: While many people may know the financial perks of being POTUS, very few realize that there are also a few perks to being the second in command of the United States of America.

The benefits of America’s number two most powerful individual range from having access to airforce two to calling the vice presidential residence her home.

Here are the five benefits that come with being the vice president Kamala Harris of the US.

1 Generous Salary

According to business insider, She is entitled to over $ 235,100 per year with the president’s being capped at $400,000 per year. Her salary translates to ksh 23,510 000 per year at the exchange rate of one dollar to ksh 100.

Kenya’s deputy president William Ruto earns slightly over ksh 12,000,000 per year.

2. Observatory circle mansion

Kamala Harris stays at the prestigious number one observatory circle mansion reserved for the vice presidents of the US since 1977.

The Mansion which is a stone throw away from the white house was built in 1893 but became the official residence of US vice president in 1977 with Walter Mondale being the first VP to occupy it with the family.

Vice Presidents can put a personal touch by redecorating the house with features and colors of their choice.

US Vice President Kamala Harris Salary

3. Vice Presidents have access to airforce two

Where as the president uses airforce one, the VP uses airforce two. The plane is also available for use by the first lady and secretary of state but it’s only reffered to as airforce two when it carrying the vice president.

4. Access to armored cars

Vice President’s limousines are noticeably smaller than those used by the president called the ‘beasts’. However, the fleet is always armored, bullet proof and bombproof.

5. Retirement benefits

Entitled to Retirement benefits depending on the number of years she will stay in office. Joe Biden when he left office in 2016 was entitled to a $1 million per year federal pension in exchange for his many years in office.

Kamala Harris made history for being the first black American woman to become the vice president of America becoming a great inspiration to women the world over.

It remains to be seen whether together with Biden will they will go for two terms like barrack Obama did.

Do you think the two will pull an Obama or they will just go home-like Trump? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.

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