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COVID-19 Vaccine Must be Tested on African Presidents First (Ramaphosa). Here’s Why?


Vaccine Must be Tested on Ramaphosa first.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has spoken with Bill Gates over the covid-19 vaccine to be tested in Africa, Ramaphosa announced on twitter.

Africans aren’t impressed with the vaccine being tested in Africa. They believe Italy and other countries with high infections should be used. Didier Drogba and Samuel Eto’o have also slammed the idea that Africa should be used as the testing place.

“It is totally inconceivable we keep on cautioning this, Africa is not a testing lab,” Drogba twitted.

President Ramaphosa posted a video of the Daily Show host Trevor Noah with over talks of the vaccine.

In the Video, Gate said, “For developing countries, it’s far harder and so these measures actually stop it from getting to the large part of the population, in places like India and Nigeria. I was talking to President Ramaphosa today, who is not only president of South Africa, he’s also the head of African Union. He is a very strong voice there, encouraging African countries to act quickly when the number of cases is still fairly low, which is true throughout sub-Saharan Africa right now.”

“The @GatesFoundation has supported our health needs for many years. They have offered assistance with innovative mass-based testing kits and research. I spoke to @BillGates and he commended the swift and decisive action South Africa has taken on #COVID19,” reads Ramaphosa’s tweet.

President Ramaphosa Accept COVID-19 Vaccine.

Ever since the outbreak of the Corona Virus things have not been the same, and by the looks of things its about to get even heavier for the ordinary citizens.

French doctors have suggested the testing of the vaccines to be conducted in Africa. This is puzzling because the continent has the least number of fatalities, it shows that there may be a hidden agenda we are not meant to know until it’s too late.


African people are concerned about their health and wellness, scared that these vaccines may lead to even bigger problems.

Recently it is said that the president has accepted the vaccines, but this has the citizens even more worried, especially since the man’s decisions are always aimed at oppressing the poor to maximize profits.

So with all this coming to light, it’s better for the person who accepts the gift to unwrap it. In this case, Ramaphosa should be the first to take this vaccine alongside the whole cabinet.

We can’t keep letting these people take crucial decisions that they so clearly seem to immune from, all that matters to them is money and pleasing their puppeteers at our expense.

This is the time for Africa to unite and stand as one against the vaccines.

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