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Christmas Day: What Unique About 2020 Festive Season

Christmas day

Being one week away from Christmas day, there would be merriness all around. Workers would have taken annual commercial breaks and already pocketing their December salaries, when it is barely two weeks into the month. The fact that fascinates with the last month of the year!

People travel from cities to the ghetto, back to their roots to spend the happiest moments of the year with loved ones whom perhaps did not meet for a whole year or longer.

Always, those in the ghetto would anticipate receiving prizes and good treats from their kins coming from cities, as they have gathered enough cash throughout the year.

In a normal season, fashion trends exhibit in December were someone’s wife or girlfriend expects to rock exotic designs and stand out in a crowd. ‘Men of substance’ should be splashing the cash on regular vacays to pamper their women, after working abroad all-year.

Because family caretakers understand their roles and expectations in society, they would indeed work out any formula in ensuring that their people celebrate.

However, the beginning of the third decade of the 21st Century has frustrated festivity arrangements a great deal. Economic lockdowns happened throughout the year due to the novel Coronavirus disease. Unemployment took a toll on a considerable portion of the world population because many corporates could not thrive in the midst of the worldwide pandemic.

As this year folds its wings, there is disappointment everywhere and people are opting for cheaper wear ‘the mitumba’, whereas they would normally be flocking the gates of best fashion houses, the likes of Jade Collection.

The government health protocols for Covid -19 alone shall limit the extent to which most of us prefer to celebrate Christmas.

The curfew will spoil night parties this time around because it is obvious that, the 25th day of December would not be an exception to the statutory restrictions.

Again, daytime partying won’t be amazing like in the past as we expect to keep social distancing even at entertainment parlors.

Those who shall afford the luxury of partying would apparently miss the signature vibes associated with the festive season.

The variety of foods to enjoy would also be narrow. Taking fried goat meat and assorted barbecue for a whole week is going to remain in history for many this year.

With schools expected to open early next year, parents are now informed on how to spend during the celebrations and avoid January blues next year.

Certainly, the end-year festivity shall be very different than ever before since our generation came into existence. Most children shall miss flaunting new clothes and shoes while others shall bitterly have to put up with Ugali and Kienyeji for that special day.

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