Tables Turn for Ruto After Uhuru’s Camp Opts to Reconcile With Tangatanga for Being Betrayed by ODM.

Uhuru's Camp

Amidst the health crisis that has been brought about by the COVID-19, the Kenyan political scene seems undeterred. Local political figures in and outside the government continue to make moves meant to influence their careers in both the current and future days.

In the midst of these political dynamics,the close friendship between president Uhuru’s Kielweke camp and the ODM faction led by Raila Odinga is in jeopardy courtesy of the newly proposed 3rd-generation formula by Commission of Revenue Allocation to share 316 billion among 47 counties in the country.

The new proposed formula by the Senate Finance and Budget Committee is still a matter of contention as 19 counties mainly from the North, Coast and Lower Eastern counties are set to lose a total of Sh 42 billion while 28 counties stand to gain. Senators from the above-mentioned regions together with their counterparts in Nyanza are strongly opposed to this formula.

A vote on the contentious formula has been postponed five times in the senate as the government feels that the opposers of the motion might shoot it down.

According to a report by the Nairobi mini Bloggers, Uhuru’s camp feels betrayed by that the ODM leadership which is not doing enough to convince their members to support the motion.

A senior Jubilee Jubilee official has revealed that Uhuru’s camp intends to reconcile with Tangatanga perhaps with the purpose of convincing their members to support the motion.

This comes a day after Senate Majority leader Irungu Kang’ata warned Raila’s men to forget about the handshake and the BBI in case they fail to pass the motion in senate next week.

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Is this a clear sign that Uhuru might dump Raila for Ruto before the 2022 elections?Share your thoughts with us.

Uhuru's Camp

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