Joy Overwhelms Mambo Mbotela’s family After President Uhuru Settles 1 million Hospital bill for the veteran.

Leonard Mambo Mbotela

Indeed joy has raided the family of veteran radio presenter Mambo Mbotela as their headache is now has been a long journey but they have met again. Mambo Mbotela who’s hospital bill since he was admitted to Nairobi south hospital on October 29 had accumulated to 1 million.

The veteran was expected to be released on November 13 but it was unsuccessful due to that accumulated bill. The veteran had pleaded with family, friends, and relatives to come in and help him in payment of the hospital bills.

However, today a good Samaritan has come out to save the family from the burden.President Uhuru Kenyatta was then forced to help the family settle the hospital bill. The President paid Ksh1 Million in cash.

The remaining amount of money will then be settled at a later date. Mambo Mbotela was then discharged today after a short illness at the Nairobi South Hospital. Now the veteran has joined his family.

According to a close family member who spoke to Citizen Digital, President Kenyatta paid Ksh.1 million of the bill in cash while the remaining amount was settled by a contribution from Kenyan well-wishers.

Mbotela, famous for his Je, Huu ni Ungwana? segment on TV and radio, has hence been released and will now undergo home care treatment.Thanks for your precious time in reading the article,like , comment and share it widely.

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