President Uhuru Kenyatta Response to Chief Justice Maraga Presser.

Chief Justice Maraga

President Uhuru Kenyatta has finally responded to the accusations leveled against him by the Chief Justice of the Judiciary David Maraga.

The president through the office of the Attorney General has noted that the Chief Justice attacks sea to have taken a personal level rather than the mechanisms advocated for by the constitution.

Attorney General Paul Kihara has noted that the president unlike the Chief Justice will not discuss matters that are already before the courts. “The chief Justice openly discuss matters that are before the courts and by this, he seeks to influence the outcome of these cases,” the AG said.

“The Executive arm of government wishes to state categorically that we decline to follow the example of the Chief Justice. I believe in the norms of government,” part of his statement reads.

Chief Justice Maraga

The Attorney General has said that the president will reach out to the Chief Justice directly and not through media stunts.

“We shall respond to him directly on the issues that are not part of the cases already pending in the courts. The executive also declines to comment on the demerits and the merits of the cases since it is against the general principles of the law.” The AG said.

The Attorney General who is an immediate senior Judge also noted that court cases should only be litigated within the corridors of the courts.

“The President who is the Head of State and government shall not abdicate his role by appointing the Judges and persons with questionable records,” said the AG.

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The AG was speaking through a press briefing on Tuesday afternoon. He was responding to Chief Justice David Maraga’s sentiments issued on Monday.

Chief Justice Maraga

The CJ had accuses president Uhuru Kenyatta of disobedience to court orders by refusing to appoint 41 Judges that were nominated by the Judicial Service Commission.

“The President has persisted in this refusal despite orders in two cases requiring him to swear in these judges within 14 days,” Maraga said.

However, president Uhuru Kenyatta has been categorical that he will not approve the list of judges sent to him by the commission due to integrity issues, claims Maraga said he is not aware of.

“I have challenged the Executive to table before the JSC the alleged information of lack of integrity it has against some of the 41 nominees. Some of the individuals the Executive claims to have adverse information against are serving judges.”

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