Uhuru Kenyatta Family Own Tv Confirms Dp Ruto Will Not Be President (Video).

Uhuru Kenyatta Family tv

A hard-hitting opinion by K24 TV, owned by President Uhuru Kenyatta Family on Sunday seemingly opened the Pandora’s box on what awaits Deputy President William Ruto in his dream to become Kenya’s 5th head of state.

Though it is believed that DP Ruto owns the majority shareholder at Mediamax, Digital strategist Dennis Itumbi who is a close all of the DP on Sunday labeled President Uhuru the boss. Thus raising eyebrows on who owns the majority shares.

However, it is yet to be made public who own the largest share at Mediamax since street reports indicate that DP Ruto is the majority shareholder but official prove is yet to be known.

The opinion read by Uhuru Kenyatta Family TV on Punchline show hosted Anne Kiguta dubbed “DP Will Not be President” highlighted numerous points depicting the status of the ailing Jubilee Government.

According to Kiguta, in the opinion, the political marriage between President Uhuru and DP Ruto was over a long time ago after the Jubilee Party leader chose to work with ODM leader Raila Odinga.

“Like in another marriage, it is important to recognise that they are broken. President Kenyatta is out of the marriage covenant with his Deputy and it appears that he is out for good…

“He has chosen against his Deputy. Chose whatever way you want for this. But what you cannot choose is, that is the bottom line. We are not saying this is good or bad… We are simply stating things as they are,” said Kiguta in parts.


Besides, the former Citizen TV’s news anchor noted that Jubilee leaders allied to the DP had refused to acknowledge that things were no longer working in Jubilee.

She tactically took a swipe at Tangatanga leaders for imagining that they had taken the presidency yet it was otherwise adding that the president had already decided it was no longer the.

Uhuru Kenyatta Family
Ann Kiguta. Photo K24.

“It is as anyone can imagine the DP upsetting for the President and his supporters believe that they had not just a partnership but a future presidency already in the bag. But this is politics.

“That is a game and like it or not, President Kenyatta has made his move. Now history will judge whether it was a masterstroke on his part or biggest political mistake president Kenyatta has ever made. But again whatever it is, it is done,” she said.

She went ahead to insinuate that the President had refused to work with his deputy because of his perennial opposition to the Handshake deal between him and Raila.

In a probable note, Kiguta said that perhaps the DP had overstepped on his mandate forgetting that there is only one president in Kenya.

“Perhaps according to him, the DP could have only gotten it too far. Maybe when he undermined the handshake or the political cooperation with Raila even when the President had made a decision to work with him.

“Or maybe the DP overplayed his hand or acted as a co-president instead of a deputy President and Forgot that there’s only one number one. What is certain is that they have fallen apart and this is not open to debate,” she stated.

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