Blow To Churches As President Uhuru Kenyatta Denies Them This Important Factor.


Today has been a day of jubilation to all Kenyans as president Uhuru Kenyatta freed them from the lockdown. The country was opened but with strict conditions which will be affecting some areas and various people.

Kenyans pastors and religious leaders have been pleading with the government to give believers a chance to be in their worship center. Since the churches and the mosques were closed, Religious leaders have been suffering greatly as they struggle to pass the good news through social media platforms.

Today president Uhuru Kenyatta has given worshipping places only one hour to perform their worship services. One will be just not enough because of the many services which are done in churches. Singing, preaching, collection of tithes and offerings and many other services will not just be enough.


Again not everyone who will be allowed to attend to the church services. According to the guidelines given, children and old people who are above 58 years of age will not be required to attend the church services. This is because of their weak immune system which has been identified as the way of keeping them safe from Coronavirus.

It is known that people who attend church services will never be on time, this will be a big challenge as many will be struggling to fit in the one hour period of time given. Some churches will tend to extend this time given to give them a chance to get something. This will be the start of going against the guidelines given by the government of Kenya.

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