Uganda; Kenya Is the Reason We are Recording High Number Of COVID- 19.


Five more truck drivers have tested positive of Coronavirus in Uganda. This brings the total number of Ugandan COVID-19 cases to 121. Among the five positive cases, 3 are Kenyans and two are Ugandans.

The Ugandan health Minister, Jane Aceng reported that the outcomes were made out of 1498 truck drivers whose samples were taken on Sunday. The minister added that the five drivers entered the country through malaba and Elegu entry points.

“This brings the total number of Covid-19 cases to 121 in Uganda. The new cases are two Ugandan and three Kenyan truck drivers who arrived via Elegu and Malaba points of entry,” said the minister via tweet.

There have been many reported cases of Kenyan truck drivers testing positive of Coronavirus in Uganda. This is worrying to the Ugandan health security considering the measures Ugandan authorities have put in place to prevent more infection in the country.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Kenyan truck driver in Uganda ran into hiding after his samples confirmed he was positive of Coronavirus. According to the Ugandan newspaper; Daily monitor, the security team and health officers have been dispatched to search for this driver.

More covid-19 cases are expected to increase therefore since the man might have interacted with other Ugandans. It is awaited to see what Museveni might do to control further spread of the disease.

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