Trump’s ‘I Conceded NOTHING” Tweet That Has Forced Powerful American Leaders to Speak.


The American people decided on the choice of the leader they want, by electing Joe Biden as their president-elect they exercised their democratic rights. In America democracy is Paramount and everybody needs to respect the results of elections which was conducted fairly

The 45th president of the USA DonaldTrump is not one who believes in way defeat. He has been on Twitter airing his mind and his current move has shocked many. Despite his earlier threats and sudden going low, Trump has resurfaced with new claims on his Twitter account, when he tweeted that he concedes nothing people we fast to react and prominent leaders were never left out.

Barrack Obama who was a top campaigner for Biden said it would be hard for democracy to thrive in a country with leaders like Trump.

He spoke of how hard it will be for Trump if he chooses not to facilitate a smooth transition of power. He gave examples of how he was ushered to the white house and how he peacefully left it for Trump. He was speaking to a CNN news reporter.

America is facing a possible threat of conflict if republicans through their learder, Trump do not concede defeat to the Democrats who are now leading in electoral college votes at 312 compared to Trump 232. Biden won when he crossed the mark at 270 votes.

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