Tricks Scammers Use To Withdrawal Money From Your Mobile Or Bank Accounts

Scammers Tricks

Scammers recently are witnessed scamming many individuals their hard-earned money by using sophisticated ways.

They usually trick someone and finally, they get all details that help them to withdraw money from an individual’s account. Initially, they used Automated Teller Machines (ATM) among others.

Nowadays, scammers are not sleeping. They are using sophisticated tricks to make money from innocent citizens. They usually use le numbers to withdraw money from their accounts.

In this article, am going to show you the steps scammers are using to make the money and withdraw using their mobile number.

1. They usually go to media such as Instagram, Facebook, and others to get your mobile number, name, and location.

2. Then after getting the above details, they will use your mobile number and name to address you. They pretend that they know you well and sometimes they can say that they are a mobile service provider.

3. After the above step, they can associate themselves with a specific mobile service provider or bank service provider. They finally tell you that your account needs an upgrade for fast and convenient money transactions.

4. This step will request your mobile or bank details so that they will help you upgrade your account.

5. After the above step, they will initiate an upgrade using the information you have given them. Here, they ensure that you will get specific codes on your mobile phone. 

6. The final step, when you give the back confirmation code. To your surprise, you will receive a message that you have withdrawn money from your account.

I can advise you that your bank or mobile service providers have all your details and they cannot call you for a system upgrade. Kindly if you get a call from someone you don’t know don’t refill your details.

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