The School Security Personnel To Have A Smartphone If All Goes As Planned.

School Security Personnel

TweetShareSharePin11 SharesThe standstill of the schools’ operations has really seen most people go a day without anything in their mouth. The most hit are the security personnel; both watchmen and watch ladies. To make matters worse, the schools could not look for a way to pay them like even in kind, since schools had budgeted for the whole year and food, is just lying in the stores. What is the food in the stores doing? It might go bad and rendered unconsumable when schools resume. Since they have been on…

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Next On Ringo: Julia Divorce Is Final! She Calls Ringo With The News.

Julia Divorce Is Final

TweetShare53SharePin53 SharesEva calls Julia with wonderful news. Her divorce is final! Thank you she says as she smiles widely. She calls Ringo with the news – I’m free she exclaims! She is happy they won’t have to hide anymore. Ringo wonders how long it will take for them to get married. They talk about a romantic proposal. Brenda emerges from her cave to ruin Julia’s day, taunting her about losing the company presidency. Julia retorts she didn’t want control, that was their father’s idea! Bratty Brenda cares not. Oso is…

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Twitter: Top 5 Proven Ways To Gain Real Active Followers.


TweetShareSharePin0 SharesTwitter currently I should say, is the king of social media. If it doesn’t trend on twitter then definitely it just ain’t it. On the other hand, twitter is a place where you hold a conversation alone until someone else decides to join you. Whenever you join any social media, you are always looking forward to having good interaction and conversations with various people for different reasons. This however isn’t possible on many occasions if you don’t know who to follow or if you don’t have the right following…

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14yrs, Boy Dies While Teaching His Friends How To Commit Suicide.

Commit Suicide. Father

TweetShare15SharePin318 SharesShock has engulfed residents of Keyonzo village in Vihiga sub-county after a teenager died while demonstrating to his friends how to commit suicide. According to the People Daily, the 14-year-old was with his peers when he took a rope to show them how successful suicide missions are done. However, the boy accidentally got entangled with the rope around his neck and died. Area Assistant Chief, Esther Vidijah, confirmed the incident saying the boy’s friends tried to rescue him but the rope quickly tightened strangling him to death. “We have reported…

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Top 6 Most Bullied Kenyan Celebrities on Social Media Platforms.

Bullied Kenyan Celebrities

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesBullied Kenyan Celebrities: Kenya is one of the leading users of the internet in the Globe, this notwithstanding, authorities have done very little, if anything, to create awareness on cyberbullying and holding those behind the crimes culpable. Internet comes with access to numerous social media platforms whose doors are open to both respectable and not-so-respectable people in the country. Social media users, in general, are exposed to bullying from a select few who most likely are too bitter to contain themselves. Celebrities in Kenya are the most exposed given their…

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Who Killed Cynthia Mwikali, The Lady Who Leaked Information on DP Ruto Beating His Wife?

Cynthia Mwikali

TweetShare868SharePin1869 SharesA lady by the name Cynthia Mwikali ,27 who is a steward of Deputy president Ruto’s Wife was on Friday 29th May found dead in a forest. Cynthia Mwikali who is an employee of the Whitesand beach report went missing two weeks ago after she allegedly exposed information on Ruto beating his wife. The lady is said to have disclosed to friends that Ruto’s wife has been seeking treatment help from a medical doctor after she got injured in an internal feud with Ruto. For nearly the whole week,…

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My Father Has Been Having Sex Intercourse With me for 8yrs Now- Teenager Narrate

Sex Intercourse

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesA 19-year-old girl has revealed how her father had allegedly been having carnal knowledge of her since she was 11, at their apartment in Ikotun area of Lagos. Consequently, her 50-year-old father, Ede Tyndale, has been arrested by detectives from the Family Support Unit of the Police Command. Vanguard learned that the victim’s mother became curious when she noticed her daughter’s disrespect for her father. She was said to have scolded and beaten her previously, before resorting to dialogue, in the process of which the teenager opened up. Explaining…

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How Women Kill Their Men Early Unknowingly, Nurse Shares Some Light.


TweetShareSharePin22 SharesWomen had been advised to give their husbands peace at home and lend any supporting hand to them which will ease the load of supplying for the own family on my own. In her Easter rubdown to her ladies folk, a doctor, who genuinely identified herself as a nurse, opined that there are extra widows than widowers. Her message posted on the Facebook web page of Senator William Williams, the nurse referred to that most deaths of married men are pressure related, “I am a Nurse and I’m able…

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The Sixth Presidential Address On The Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic 16, May 2020

Presidential Address

TweetShareSharePin22 SharesFellow Kenyans, Since we reported our first COVID-19 case, the country has recorded 830 confirmed infections and 50 deaths.  It is disturbing to note that close to 30% of these recorded deaths occurred at home. I send my heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of those we have lost.  The life of every Kenyan is precious.  I, together with millions of Kenyans mourn for the lost dreams cut short so suddenly by this disease. We empathize with the tears and misery of those they have left behind.  May…

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