How Speaker Ken Lusaka Conned ‘Tano Tena’ Singer 2 Million That President Uhuru Rewarded Him.

Ken Lusaka

TweetShareSharePin77 Shares The singer was among those that released political songs that praised President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto’s leadership and urged voters through their songs, to vote in the duo again. “UhuRuto tano tena”, they said in their songs, which translates to “vote for President Uhuru and his deputy and give them 5 more years”. Three years down the line, one singer is still complaining that he was not paid for the song, even after President Uhuru allegedly awarded him with Ksh2 million. Sammy Mang’ara alias Baba Bright released a Luhya…

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Could Danger Be Looming For DCI Boss, Kinoti After Government Reshuffles 13 top DCI officers?

Could Danger Be Looming For DCI Boss

TweetShareSharePin1212 Shares Since Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI) boss George Kinoti declared to reveal those who were involved in the Post Election Violence in 2007-2008, his office has had many challenges. During the launching of the BBI referendum at the KICC, president Uhuru dismissed his claims. Kinoti is now facing endless battles from the political class. Today, George Kinoti made a drastic move in carrying out certain duties in his office. There was a mass reshuffle of top Director of Criminal Investigation officers in the country. Five of these were just effected by himself…

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Citizen Tv Maria Series: This Is Maria’s Biological Father.

Maria's Biological Father.

TweetShareSharePin55 Shares Maria’s Biological Father. Maria tv show is one of the most loved shows in Kenya at the moment. The show is aired on citizen tv from 07:30 pm from Monday to Friday and on Saturday at 04:30pm. The show has gained much popularity since it started towards the end of last year. Maria acts as the main character in the show and she has been rated highly after showing great skills in the show. Maria has been looking for her father when Sandra kidnapped her and manipulated her mind that William knows everything about…

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DCI Arrests 44 School Children at a House Party, Seize Reams of condoms, 100+ Alcohol Bottles

DCI Arrests 44 School Children at a House Party

TweetShareSharePin99 Shares Yesterday The DCI Arrests 44 School Children Aged Between 14 Years And 17 Years Old At A House Party In Mountain View Estate It is now seven months plus since the closure of schools due to the invasion of the novel Corona. Since the report of the first case in March, the government came to an agreement to close all learning institutions as a measure to curb the spread of the virus. However strange happenings have been happening during this long holiday such as recording the highest numbers…

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World’s ‘Best Teacher’ Peter Tabichi Bags Another Prestigious Global Award.

Peter Tabichi Bags Another Prestigious Global Award

TweetShareSharePin55 Shares Peter Tabichi, the Nakuru based teacher who won the Global Teacher Prize last year, has bagged yet another international award. Peter Tabichi, 37, has been conferred the 2020 Ahimsa Award by the Trustees of the Institute of Jainology in London. The Institute of Jainlology (IOJ) represents 32 UK-based Jain organizations in government and inter-religious affairs and this year’s award was announced at the 18th Jain All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) Ahimsa Day meeting last month. He was chosen for this year’s honor for his work in dramatically improving…

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How Nairobi Criminal Gang Now Are Targets Wealthy Gay Men And Horny Online Users Before Robbing Them.

Nairobi Gang Now Are Targets Wealthy Gay Men And Horny Online

TweetShareSharePin1919 Shares On November 28 last year, American Philipe Chiliade landed at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to meet his gay men lovers whom he had fallen in love with after a brief encounter on Facebook. Chiliade was chauffeured out of the airport in a cab and taken to a single room in Pipeline estate in Nairobi, where his life would turn into misery, in the hands of the purported lovers. He was extensively tortured and robbed of everything by men who had promised romance but left him nursing serious…

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Details About Othuol Othuol Wife and 2 Kids – Eunice Njeri Emerges (Photos).

Othuol Othuol Wife

TweetShareSharePin1010 Shares Othuol Othuol Wife – Nyeri Woman only identified as Eunice Njeri has claimed that she has been having an intimate relationship with Othutol Othuol over the years and has given birth to 2 beautiful kids. The two dated since 2015. Othuol Othuol Wife – Njeri now wants the family of Othuol Othuol to share with her part of the wealth or she will sue all of them.  “I have to be given the wealth that I deserve, otherwise how will these children survive?” Othuol Othuol Wife Asked Ironically…

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10 Weirdest Foods From All Over The World.

Weirdest Foods

TweetShareSharePin2424 Shares The first weirdest foods is Fugu from Japan- Fugu is a Japanese pufferfish that contains enough poison to kill 30 people. The chefs who prepare this expensive Japanese delicacy must undergo years of training. 2. Fried Spider from Cambodia – Available throughout Cambodia, but a specialty in the town of Skuon, this creepy crawlies have been deep-fried in garlic oil until crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside. 3. Prairie Oysters from Canada- Not oysters at all, these delightful weirdest foods is made from bull testicles…

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Meet the Popular 84yrs-old Priest Who Retired to Act Pornography (VIDEO)

84yrs-old Priest Who Retired to Act Pornography

TweetShareSharePin1818 Shares 84-year-old retired Priest Norm Self embarked on a new career last year – as a porn star. He appeared alongside two adult film ‘veterans’ in his first film. Norm is also a veteran – a Korean War Navy veteran. “It was splendid! How could it not be?” said Norm of the shoot. A retired priest has shocked many after he exchanged his priesthood for a porn star at the age of 85. Norm Self, a retired priest from North Dakota, appeared in his first adult film. Having grown…

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I Paid For The Wedding, His Education, Visa, And Plane Ticket And He Never Returned Back- Lady Cry Out.

I Paid

TweetShareSharePin1616 Shares I paid for the wedding, his training, visa and boarding pass and he stayed away forever back The fragrance of affection isn’t something numerous individuals can stand up to. Regardless of the amount you attempt, love is risky to state no to. In the event that you can defeat its allurements, you get a cheerful life ahead of time. In the event that the draw of loved ones gets you into it, you become crushed forever. It is a promulgation that one needs humbleness and mindful speculation before…

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