Top 13 Best Paying Jobs in Kenya in 2020.

Best Paying Jobs in Kenya

Best Paying Jobs in Kenya: If you are one of the students who are planning to join college or university in Kenya, you need to make a concrete decision on the career to pursue. Choosing a career to pursue in life is one of the challenging things you can do.

This is why one should always consider the job market and passion for in the career one want to do because we have heard of scenarios where the person is forced by the parents to pursue a course is not interested but ends up doing it due to the influence from parents. The best paying jobs in Kenya should always be your priority when searching for careers.

Therefore, if you want to pursue any career in Kenya, you should consider your passion for that subject, and second, consider the marketable courses before you make your final judgment of the career to do.

The top Best Paying Jobs in Kenya according to our research are:


Politicians are the highest-best paying job in Kenya. They fix salaries for themselves and are involved in many sittings contributing to a lot of allowance for them.

County members of parliament, governors, senators, and members of the county assembly lie in this list. Other beneficiaries are political activists, analysts, scholars, commentators, advisors, and writers are some of the latest class of workers to make a career out of politics.

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The field of law is another entity that is best paying Jobs in Kenya. Lawyers get a lot of pay for defending people in courts in Kenya. If you look at the judges, they are among the highest-paid people in Kenya.


Engineering combined with information technology is another field where people are Best Paying Jobs in Kenya. Depending on the firm you are affiliated with, engineering is a lucrative career.

Remember you also need to have your math and sciences right. pegs the income of a project engineer at Ksh 550,000 on the higher side although this figure is not fixed.

                Medicine and Pharmaceutical.

This is a field where you will not miss employment in Kenya because after training, doctors are usually absorbed by the government and they are Best Paying Jobs in Kenya.

Moreover, the entry salary for a medical intern may be as low as Ksh 45,000 but with progression in the career, possibilities of hitting more than ten times that amount are sky-high.


Architects are the people who are involved planning, designing and overseeing the entire construction of building. They are highly paid for these services.


The flexibility of their jobs makes the career path enviable and some can shuttle between some of the increasing number of universities with ease.

However, you need to have the patience of studying long and hard beyond the graduate, masters to Ph.D. level in order to command a higher salary. With a compentitive education, this is one of best Paying Jobs in Kenya

Though teaching has traditionally been viewed as barren grounds for money, some top dons in universities earn close to Ksh 500,000 per month. The field of study will also determine the demand and remuneration for your services.

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               Marketing and Advertising.

This is a field that involves auditing and management of money in large organizations both private and governmental such as chief internal auditors of the finances in county governments in Kenya. Marketers can earn as much as their sales can stretch with some in the leading banks and insurance companies enjoying millionaire status.

             Audit and finance.

This is a field that is core to the selling products and services in any given country. Those employed in this sector act as consultants. Estimates from place the highest-paid financial director at Ksh 805,000 per month. Still, the average by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics 2013 estimates for financial services was KSH 100,000. This place this job on our list as one of the Best Paying Jobs in Kenya.

            Market and Social research.

Those who deal with this field are usually evaluation and monitoring consultants in many non-governmental organisations and this is also best paying jobs in Kenya.

                Communication and Public Relations.

This is an area that is mostly involved in telecommunication and media sector and people who work there earn a lot.


If you are working in a central government department or county government as a procurement officer, then consider yourself lucky because you are in one of the best-paying jobs in Kenya.

NGO and Civil Societies. 

Non-governmental organizations offer some of the most competitive salaries in the job market. Depending on the budgets, often from donor funding, salaries can traverse in the range of six figures. Graduates of Law and Social Sciences are the most likely ones to land in this field.

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According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, 2013 Economic Survey, the average monthly payment for an employee in NGO’s was Sh194, 000 last year, the highest amount in both the private and public sectors.

That’s just the average. The most sought organizations include the United Nations and its affiliate bodies such as UNEP and UNHCR. Other known NGOs include USAID and Oxfam.

Pilot/ Aviation Industry

Pilots are some of the best paying jobs in Kenya. but the world over. Moreover, the high cost of training happens to be the only check that has stopped this career line from getting flooded.

A Wall Street Journal in March 2013 reported that it takes Kenya Airways about Ksh 8.5 million to train a pilot. The same source alleges that a captain makes up to Ksh 1.1 million a month.

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