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Top 8 Rev Natasha Success Secrets Discussed.

Rev Natasha
Rev Natasha

Serve With Your Gifts

Rev Natasha believes she is a student of life. she learns by observing the successful. Successful people develop their gifts and talents. They serve other people with what they have. The essence of life is to be a problem solver. Successful people are problem solvers.

Celebrate Other People’s Success

Rev Natasha learnt that successful people are not only obsessed with their success but they also celebrate the success of others. Those who know how to genuinely celebrate the success of others are truly successful.

They Raise People And Help Others To Become.

SUCCESSFUL-Truly successful people don’t use their success to intimidate others rather they raise people up. Successful people have the habit of helping other people to be successful. Jesus helped Peter to become an apostle.

Don’t Live In The Past

Successful people interpret the events of the past in the present so that they can capture the future. Please don’t live in the past.

No Time To Gossip About Others

When I am in the presence of a truly successful person i can tell by what they say about other people. Time is precious and the successful use of their time productively. They don’t spend time gossiping. Envy is a dangerous disease

Top 8 Rev Natasha Success Secrets Discussed.


Successful people keep their focus. Where they are going is more important than where they are. They use the present to focus on their goals. Please don’t lose focus.

Make Mistakes

Every successful man has made a mistake before. It is not strange that you have made mistakes. Don’t focus on your mistakes rather turn them into lessons.

See Success

What you see determines what you say. The future you cannot picture can’t be captured. What you capture in the scripture is the picture for your future. I see a great life. I see miracles.

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