Top 6 Foods You Should Take For Grow A Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair

Most people nowadays want to have healthy hair. Good looking hair is among the top beauty desires not only for women but men are also joining in.

Several studies do confirm that genetic and health contribute to how one’s hair look but also the type of diet people eat is also considered on how the hair will be.

Top 6 Foods You Should Take For Grow A Healthy Hair 1

Health Line lists a number of the foods that will make healthy hair;


Eggs are very rich in not only biotin but also proteins that are good in promoting the growth of healthy hair. Dietitians advise people to take enough proteins, zinc, and selenium that are good for the hair.


Berries including strawberries among others contain vitamins that have been found to protect the hair follicles from damage by free radicals thus improving hair health.

3.Leafy greens

Greens including kales and spinach contain increased levels of nutrients,vitamins and minerals which not only protect the hair follicles but also leave the scalp moisturized increasing your hair health.


The vitamins present in avocados improves hair growth and also combats the effects of free radicals, that damage hair growth.

Growth of Healthy Hair

5.Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are packed with beta carotenes that are converted by the body to Vitamin A that is linked to good and healthy hair.


Beans and other legumes contain high amounts of proteins which are crucial for healthy hair. The amounts of zinc also help in repairing the hair improving its appearance.

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