Top 5 Super Rich People In Kenya, Uhuru, And Ruto Not Close.

Top 5 Super Rich People In Kenya

Every society or community involves both the rich and the poor. Those who dominate in all aspects required in life to have that good life. We have some rich people In Kenya’s communities, there are those particular families that are entirely respected and honored from generation to generation.

Below are some of the rich people In Kenya’s and the most prominent families to ever happen to exist.

1. Moi & Family

It’s by far truth that Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi and family are the richest in the country. The now-deceased former second president of Kenya massed up his wealth to a sum of 3billion Dollars.

Top 5 Super Rich People In Kenya
1. Super Rich People In Kenya; Moi Family

2. Manu Chandaria

With a net worth of 1.8 billion dollars, Many Chandaria is a Kenyan businessman and industrialist. He owns Comcraft Kenya Limited that manufactures steel, aluminum, and plastic products.

Comcraft Kenya Limited generates annual revenues of more than Ksh 200 billion and has branches in Tanzania, Uganda, and Ethiopia.

Top 5 Super Rich People In Kenya
2. Super Rich People In Kenya; Manu Chandaria

3. Nicholas Biwott

The owner of Yaya Center,a shopping mall in Nairobi, now deceased is still third richest in Kenya with a net worth 1.1 billion dollars.

His investments include; Air Kenya Express, HZ construction and engineering, Kipsenende farm, and Lima Kenya just to mention a few.

Top 5 Super Rich People In Kenya
3. Super Rich People In Kenya; Nicholas Biwott

4. Mama Ngina Kenyatta

She is the only woman in Kenya ranked wealthiest. She is the mother and wife to current Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and deceased first president of Kenya Jomo Kenyatta respectively.

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With a net worth 1 billion dollars, her investments include the family’s giant dairy company,Brookside, Ilara, Delamere ,spinknit, kilifi dairy brands and Molo milk.

Top 5 Super Rich People In Kenya
4. Super Rich People In Kenya; Mama Ngina Kenyatta

5. Bhimji Depar Shah

With a net worth 900million dollars, Mr. Bhimji owns Bidco Africa that produces edible oil, beverages, fats, Animal feeds, margarine among others.

Top 5 Super Rich People In Kenya
5. Super Rich People In Kenya; Bhimji_Depar_Shah

It’s based in Thika and has operations in Southern and Central Africa. It also has manufacturing factories in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

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