Top 5 Most Expensive Estates in Nairobi City

While the majority of residents in Eastlands favor typical estates, some well-off people prefer affluent areas. Some of the Expensive Estates are Runda, Karen, Kitisuru, and Muthaiga. People can spend up to Ksh300,000 each month here.

The Most Expensive Estates in Nairobi, and their Monthly Rent:

1. Kitisuru

A luxurious neighborhood in Nairobi. Beyond Westlands, in a mountainous, undulating landscape, is the lovely residential neighborhood of Kitisuru. 

High-end earners live in these homes, which have large gardens that slope downward. Families with children attending the International School of Kenya, Peponi School, and Rosslyn Academy like to live there. Additionally, the UN building and the Village Market, a sizable shopping center and movie theatre complex, are very near together.

2. Nyari Estate

Nyari is a brand-new, opulent, upscale neighborhood along Red Hill Road that connects to Limuru Road. To the north, east, and south of it, it shares boundaries with the considerably larger communities of Gigiri, Muthaiga, and Runda.

The opulent estate is located 2 kilometers from the Gigiri center and 15 km from the Nairobi CBD. The average price of a home in the estate is KSh 103.6 million, while a typical four-bedroom villa costs between KSh 200,000 and KSh 300,000. 

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3. Karen Estate 

The average cost of a house in Karen Estate is Ksh. 200 Million, despite the fact that purchasing a home there is rather pricey. A nice, spacious property in Karen will run you about Ksh. 350,000 per month to rent.

4. Runda House

One of Nairobi’s most opulent estates is Runda. Nairobi’s northern region includes Runda. 

The name Runda was taken from a coffee farm in the region before it was developed as a neighborhood. Reserved United Nations Development Area is referred to by the abbreviation Runda.

5. Estate Muthaiga

The late Mwai Kibaki, Kenya’s third president, resided in one of the priciest estates in Nairobi. Great worldwide business leaders and ambassadors now call it home. The estate is distinguished by well-kept paths and the finest grass encircling residences, hotels, and schools.

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