Top 20 Billionaires In Kenya and Their Worth 2020.


Kenya is blessed with a large portion of the rich. Many of our prominent politicians also feature in this list.

The president H.E Uhuru Kenyatta, his deputy H.E Dr William Ruto, and Raila Odinga also appear on the list.

The list also cannot be completed without the former presidents, Mwai Kibaki and Daniel Moi.

Here is the list from top to bottom.

1. Moi and Family

The late former president and his family too the list with sh. 300 billion Kenyan shillings.

2. Manu Chandaria

Has a net worth of Sh. 170 billion from businesses and industries.

3. Biwott Nicholas

The late politician was worth sh.110 billion from construction, farms, and an airline company.

4. Ngina Kenyatta

The wife of the first president of Kenya is in custody of sh.100 billion for the Kenyatta family.

5. Bhimji Depar Shah

He owns Bidco Africa company and he is worth Sh. 90 billion.

6. Naushad Merali

He is a business man worth Sh.60 billion.

7. Uhuru Kenyatta

The president has been able to acquire sh. 50 billion through banking, dairy, insurance and media services.

8. Chris Kirubi

He is an industrialist who is worth Sh. 40 billion.

9. Dr. William Ruto

He is worth Sh. 40 billion acquired from his political career, real estate and businesses.

10. Peter Munga

He is estimated to be worth around sh.20 to sh. 30 billion.

11. Raila Odinga

The political kingpin canes 11th with a net worth of Sh. 25 billion acquired from polities and gas supply industry.

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12. James Mwangi

He is worth Sh. 17 billion from his bank Equity.

13. S.K. Macharia

He is the owner of Royal Media Services and is worth sh. 15 billion.

14. Ballobha Patel

Worth sh.15 billion from businesses, banking and the Bamburi cement.

15. Titus Naikuni

Worth sh. 10 billion.

16. Mwai Kibaki

The former president is worth sh.6 billion.

17. Jimnah Mbaru

He is worth sh. 4 billion.

18. Adil Popat

Worth sh. 4 billion.

19. Pius Ngugi

Worth sh. 3 billion.

20. Buzeki

He is worth sh.3 billion. He sold his dairy company to the Kenyatta family for sh. 1 billion.

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