Top 10 Richest Doctors In Kenya 2023

It goes without a doubt that doctors are one of the best-paid professionals worldwide. Doctors spend so much time and brains learning and training. On top of that, it is also quite costly to study medicine, especially if you are self-sponsored. The richest doctors In Kenya per category include;-

  1. Surgeons: Surgeons, especially specialized surgeons such as neurosurgeons, cardiothoracic surgeons, and orthopedic surgeons, tend to earn high salaries in Kenya.
  2. Anesthesiologists: Anesthesiologists, who administer anesthesia during surgeries and monitor patients’ vital signs, are also among the highest-paid doctors in Kenya.
  3. Radiologists: Radiologists, who specialize in interpreting medical imaging tests like X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs, are in high demand and can earn significant incomes.
  4. Gynecologists/Obstetricians: Gynecologists and obstetricians, who specialize in women’s health and childbirth, are generally well-compensated for their services.
  5. Cardiologists: Cardiologists, who diagnose and treat heart-related conditions, are also among the well-paid medical professionals in Kenya.

The good thing is that once you are well-trained, you will be very marketable since your knowledge and skills could literally save the world.

Below is a list of the top 10 richest doctors in Kenya:

1. Dr. Catherine Nyongesa

She is the owner of the Texas Cancer Centre and is an oncology specialist by profession. She earns about ksh. 500 million annually.

2. Dr. Betty Gikonyo

She is currently among the richest doctors in Kenya. Betty Gikonyo is the co-founder and CEO of the Karen Hospital, Nairobi.

She is a cardiologist and surgeon who pursued medicine in Kenya before going to the United States for her postgraduate training.


When she came back to Kenya, Betty together with her husband started working on the idea of coming up with Karen Hospital but many people told them that they were too ambitious.

They worked on their dreams and in 2006, Karen Hospital opened its doors to the public. So far, it is currently one of the best private hospitals in Kenya.

3. Dr. M.M Qureshi

He is a Neurosurgeon working at the Aga Khan Doctor’s Plaza 1 floor room 136. Contact him on 0711092741.

4. Dr. Betty Musau

She is a Gastrologist working at the Nairobi Hospital Doctor’s Plaza room 208. Contact her on 0202846342.

5. Dr. Pancho Sharma

He is a dentist working at the Gertrude Hospital, Nairobi. Contact him on 020 2018024.

6. Dr. Adil Waris

He is an allergist and pulmonologist working in Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya. Contact him on 0713452201 or 0737377227.

7. Dr. Saroop Bansil

He is a dermatologist working at the Upper Hill Medical Centre. The Hospital is located near Nairobi Hospital. Contact him on 0736476002 or 0202721576.

8. Dr. Stanley Ominde

He is among the very few plastic surgeons in Kenya. He earns about ksh.400 million every year.

9. Dr. Zipporah Gathuya

She is a child anesthetist and Principal surgeon by profession. She is also a director at Suntra Investment Bank.

10. Dr. A.K. Shah

He is an Ophthalmologist working at the M.P. Shah Doctor’s Plaza room F1 F2. Contact him on 020 3743057.


In conclusion, identifying the richest doctors in Kenya is a complex task as it involves various factors such as specialization, experience, location, and personal success.

Surgeons, anesthesiologists, radiologists, gynecologists/obstetricians, and cardiologists are generally considered to be among the highest-paid medical professionals in the country.

However, it’s important to note that individual earnings can vary significantly based on these aforementioned factors.

It’s always advisable to consult up-to-date data and research or seek professional advice for accurate and current information regarding the income of doctors in Kenya.

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