Top 10 Best Housing Saccos In Kenya

Housing Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOS) play a significant role in Kenya’s real estate sector, providing affordable financing options for individuals seeking to own homes. These cooperatives allow members to save money collectively and access loans at favorable interest rates. The country has numerous housing SACCOS, but here we present the top 10 best housing SACCOS in Kenya based on their reputation, financial stability, loan accessibility, and member satisfaction.

1. Hazina SACCOS:

Hazina SACCOS is renowned for its strong financial position, reliability, and efficient loan processing.

With a vast membership base, it offers competitive interest rates on housing loans and favorable repayment terms. Hazina SACCOS also provides financial counseling and investment advisory services to its members.

2. Stima SACCOS:

Stima SACCOS primarily serves employees in the energy sector, providing housing finance solutions tailored to their needs.


With a solid track record, Stima SACCOS offers flexible loan terms and competitive interest rates. It has a reputation for efficient loan processing and excellent customer service.

3. Unaitas SACCOS:

Unaitas SACCOS is one of the largest and most reputable housing SACCOS in Kenya. It offers a wide range of financial products, including affordable housing loans, construction financing, and mortgage refinancing.

Unaitas SACCOS provides personalized customer service and focuses on empowering its members economically.

4. Mwalimu National SACCOS:

Catering to the education sector, Mwalimu National SACCOS has established itself as a reliable source of housing finance for teachers.

It offers competitive mortgage rates, flexible repayment options, and a simplified loan application process.

Mwalimu National SACCOS also provides financial literacy programs to enhance its members’ financial well-being.

5. Harambee SACCOS:

Harambee SACCOS is known for its commitment to supporting members from diverse backgrounds in achieving their housing dreams.

With a wide array of housing loan products, Harambee SACCOS ensures affordability and inclusivity.

It has a strong focus on community development and provides additional benefits such as education scholarships and welfare programs.

6. Imarika SACCOS:

Imarika SACCOS is a rapidly growing housing cooperative that emphasizes accessibility, affordability, and transparency.

It offers competitive interest rates, a user-friendly loan application process, and flexible repayment terms. Imarika SACCOS aims to enhance members’ financial well-being through comprehensive financial education programs.

7. Ukulima SACCOS:

Ukulima SACCOS specializes in providing housing finance solutions to individuals working in the agricultural sector. It offers attractive interest rates, quick loan approvals, and flexible repayment options.

Ukulima SACCOS also provides agricultural advisory services to help members improve their farming practices and income generation.

8. Wanandege SACCOS:

Wanandege SACCOS primarily serves employees in the aviation industry, including pilots, cabin crew members, and ground staff. It offers competitive housing loan packages, personalized customer service, and convenient loan disbursement processes.

Wanandege SACCOS is known for its efficiency and reliability in meeting the housing needs of its members.

9. Imarisha SACCOS:

Imarisha SACCOS focuses on empowering its members through affordable housing finance and other financial products.


It offers competitive interest rates, flexible loan repayment terms, and a straightforward loan application process. Imarisha SACCOS also provides financial literacy training to improve its members’ financial management skills.

10. Maji Mazuri SACCOS:

Maji Mazuri SACCOS primarily serves individuals working in the water and sanitation sector. It offers a range of housing loan products tailored to the specific needs of its members.

Maji Mazuri SACCOS has a strong commitment to social responsibility and community development, supporting initiatives related to clean water access and sanitation.


These top 10 housing SACCOS in Kenya have demonstrated their commitment to providing affordable housing finance, exceptional customer service, and financial empowerment to their members.

They have earned reputations for their financial stability, competitive interest rates, efficient loan processing, and community engagement.

When considering housing finance options in Kenya, individuals can confidently explore these housing SACCOS to fulfill their dream of owning a home while enjoying the benefits of cooperative membership.

It is always advisable to conduct thorough research, evaluate individual needs, and seek professional advice before making any financial decisions.

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