Meet Tony Waiguru, Ann Waiguru’s First Husband

Governor Anne Waiguru is one of the most famous female politicians in Kenya. However not much is talked about her family and marriage. Despite this Waiguru is known to have been in two different marriages. Previously, before her current relationship Anne Waiguru was married to Tony Waiguru. 

According to The Standard, Tony and Anne Waiguru first met at the Nairobi Lighthouse Church, which they both attended for worship. 

Anne and her family were raised in Kariobangi North in Nairobi’s Eastlands. Later, she attended Precious Blood High School and then Egerton University.

Tony, on the other hand, had grown up in affluence. His father was a wealthy Murang’a MP. He studied law While in India.

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They married years later and were blessed with three sons. 

How they separated 

As Anne rose through the ranks, cracks in their marriage began. As per the report by the standard, when Anne worked for economist Dr David Ndii’s Kenya Leadership Institute in Nairobi, their marriage started to have cracks.

As soon as Anne Waiguru was employed at the World Bank, they divorced with everyone going their separate ways.

Waiguru would later meet Kamotho Waiganjo who they married up to date. 

Tonny and Anne Waiguru’s Sons

Tonny and Anne Waiguru is the mother of three boys, Ian, Don, and Wabu.

Tonny has three kids of which Ann Waiguru secured their custody after their bitter divorce.

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