Tomorrow Thursday 9th On Ringo: Turco Kidnaps Gloria And Ringo Comes For Her Rescue



Ringo tells Isabel that he knows a lot about Diego who is a monster. Ivan confided in him about the fraud and that he didn’t want to report it until he had more evidence.

He didn’t tell him who he suspected, but that it was someone close to him. Ivan asked him to be head of security so that he could take care of his family, especially Julia. Isabel explains that she as evidence to prove the fraud, but that would mean that Diego would only be charged for that; she thinks that he is behind the kidnapping and murder.

Ringo then confides about Diego telling him about being behind the robbery at the Garay house, including getting shot to manipulate Julia.

At the club, Oso talks to Manuel. Oso is beside himself because Rosa is angry with him when she was the one who left the reception to go help Carrizo and to top it off she helped him get a room at her building. Manuel advises that Oso should apologize. Oso calls Rosa but she cuts him off…she is busy. Carrizo then comes and asks Rosa to help since Celia needs a bath and he gets nervous doing it.

Gloria wakes up groggy and asks what happened. When she asks why she is tied up, Turco explains that she is with him in her house…and he is doing this for her own good. When she chides him for kidnapping her, he clarifies that he rescued her. Rosa starts yelling out for help, but Turco knocks her out again telling her that this is what he will have to do until she understands.


Rosa has given Celia a bath wonders what Carrizo would do before when he had to give Celia a bath. He replies that he would hire a nanny to do it. When he comments that Celia has given him a new outlook on life, Rosa wonders why he tried to stop the wedding. Carrizo isn’t sure, but he knows he shouldn’t have done it and he will apologize to them. As Rosa coddles Celia, Carrizo looks at her with admiration.

Ringo continues to tell Isabel that after Ivan’s death, Diego continued to threaten him and since he knows what he is capable of, he fears for his son. After they tell each other to be careful, Ringo warns Isabel that Diego might find out that she is investigating him since he has his contacts including Bruno and Garfias who works at the police department. Isabel asks Ringo to call her if he thinks of anything else. Just then Ringo gets a call from the school that Santi needs to be picked up.

Gloria comes too again and tells Turco that her head hurts. Turco explains that it’s the effects of the chloroform. When she asks what he wants, he tells her that he just wants them to be the family that they used to be—him, her, and Santi. Gloria asserts that whatever he does, she will never go back to him. Just then the doorbell rings and Gloria starts yelling for HELP!! So, Turco knocks her out again. He goes out to find Carrizo who wants to talk. When he asks to go inside, Turco refuses and tells him he has guests. Carrizo doesn’t like that they are at odds; they have been brothers for years. When Turco reminds him that he chose to go with Rosa, Carrizo ells him that he felt obligated to take her home; he doesn’t think Turco should be jealous, but Turco doesn’t like playing second fiddle. He slams the door shut so Carrizo takes Celia to the park.

Oso sees Rosa on her way to see Susana. He apologizes for getting upset…but he got jealous and doesn’t know what he would do if he lost her. He wonders what they are waiting for…they should bring her mother and daughter to live there and be a family. Rosa argues that he only wants to marry her because he is jealous. Oso returns that he is jealous because he loves her. Rosa needs time to think about it…she doesn’t know how long, but they will know when it’s time.

Susana tell Guevara that she made an appointment for him with an ophthalmologist because she knows that here is something wrong with his eyes. When she tells him that she called Mazatlán to get information on him, Guevara gets upset; she has no right butting into his life! Susana understands but wonders why he won’t try to find out what is happening with his sight. Guevara finally confesses that what he has has no cure, he is going blind. After he asks that she not tell anyone, she pleads with him to see her friend…he might find a way to help him. Big hug with tears…

Alejo is in bed with Brenda in his arms as her tells Brenda that he needs to leave to go train. Brenda reminds him that it’s their first day of being married, but Alejo insists that he needs to prepare for his fight. If she wants him to be a champion, he needs to train.

Eva tells Julia that Max proposed and she is very happy; she didn’t expect it. When Julia asks when they will marry, Eva doesn’t know, but she doesn’t want a long courtship. After Julia comments that the weddings will continue, Eva adds that there will also be a divorce…and hands her the divorce papers. Julia worries that Diego won’t sign so Eva explains that only one of the parties has to sign, but it would be best if Diego signed since they will be working together. Eva asks if Julia saw Ringo; so, Julia confides that she saw him last night, but there is nothing they can do.

Turco takes a groggy Gloria to the restroom. Meanwhile, Ringo picks up Santi who wonders why Ringo went for him instead of his mother. Ringo assumes that Gloria must have had something that came up Yup! A wild Turk

Julia enters Diego’s office and hands Diego the divorce papers. He grits his teeth as he looks at her with piercing eyes. Diego didn’t expect it; he thought things were getting better between them. When he tells her that he still loves her, Julia replies that she doesn’t love him and there is no use in going on without love but it was okay to get married without love??. After Diego tells her that he can’t sign them right now, Julia asks him to give it to her secretary when he signs.


Oso tells Damasio about his argument with Rosa and how it came about. After Oso tells him that Rosa accused him of not trusting her, he adds that he does trust her, he just doesn’t trust Carrizo. Damasio thinks Oso should worry…and warns him that now that Luchis is married, Carrizo will probably go after Rosa.

Turco tries to get Gloria to eat but she refuses. Gloria warns him that others will wonder where she is and look for her. Turco is sure that by the time that happens, he will get her to fall in love with him again.

At the gym, Diego tells Alejo about his new sponsor. Alejo questions why the beer company isn’t sponsoring him, so Diego tells him that the company is not doing well.

Ringo calls Gloria since she hasn’t shown up, but he gets no answer. Teresa hopes that she left forever! Ringo then leaves to go meet with Sitges.

While jogging, Rosa gets hit by a car whose driver ran a red light (oh, noes!).

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