FKF Has Trained 3000 Referees In The Last Four Years

FKF Has Trained 3000 Referees In The Last Four Years 1

Under Nick Mwendwa, new football match officials can now undergo training free of charge after his administration removed all fees on the Physical Endurance Tests (PET).

FKF North Western Branch secretary Caleb Amwayi has praised Nick Mwendwa’s style of management, pointing out that the move to do away with fees on the Physical Endurance Tests (PET) has encouraged more people to take up lessons as football match officials.

The previous administration, he said, asked for 3000 shillings before one was allowed to attend class. Even after collecting a lot of money from the participants the facilitators didn’t pay the instructors well.

“From every course, we collected more than 1 million shillings, but at the end of the day I was only paid 5000 shillings which was too little to cater for travel, food and accommodation,” said Amwayi.

He says that things have improved a lot since Mwendwa took office four years ago.

“Anytime you are called for training now, you are very sure everything will be taken care of and the environment is enabling,” he added.

The step taken by the federation to offer free courses in Physical Endurance Tests (PET) has enabled it to train 3000 referees over the last four years.

Amwayi says that there is great improvement in the way things are being done now compared with the past.

“Football has changed. The way football is being run now is totally different from the way it was run before. The current office does it’s research well to address the specific needs of each branch.”

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