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This Is Why Koigi Should Keep QUIET: Somebody Tell Koigi.


We all know what happened during Moi’s Era. Before Moi left power, he asked for forgiveness from all those he wronged! He too forgave all those who wronged him!

Koigi, we also know that Moi was a DICTATOR like you want us to believe. But he did so with a reason.

But Koigi, you are the WORST dictator than Moi. You have a corrupt mind that does not exist in our African culture!


It’s our tradition to mourn the dead despite what they did or who they were when they were alive!
Hon Koigi, you want to fool everybody around to believe in your narrative. You are a dictator by the fact that you are accusing the dead while you had all the time to reconcile with him 20 years after he left power.

Moi set a record by being termed as a dictator by letting the PEACEFUL transition of power in 2002.

Don’t make me tell the world that you even raided Bahati Police Station and you were part of those planning to ouster Moi.
You were also jailed by Kenyatta! Were you a saint to be jailed?
My friend, a government is not run like a church!
Huwezi onyesha ng’ombe kisu na udhani utaichinja rahisi!
In fact, you should count yourself lucky that Moi spared you after all this!

I think somebody should tell you why the president is given a SWORD and not a BIBLE during the handing over!

Mr. Koigi, you will too leave this world soon and you will be mourned too unless you state otherwise!

So, reconcile with your corrupt, malnutrition, archaic, barbaric, uncouth, uniformed, unforgiving, visionless, egocentric and atheist mind na uende utoe heshima zako kwa Mzee kule bungeni kabla ya kesho.

Na ujue however strong, learned, wise and powerful you are, you will not carry your own CASKET!

My friend,acha makasiriko hukuteswa zaidi ya yesu bwana!
Sisi wote ni wapita njia!
This is Africa!

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