This Is Rev Lucy Natasha, What She Admires

Rev Natasha Has Won Battles Through Prayer

The Woman of God Rev Lucy Natasha is a very powerful minister of the word and her faith has opened endless opportunities for her and still many more to come. This woman of God has been such an inspiration to a lot of people out here and thanks to her many souls have seen the light

Rev Lucy Natasha is always bringing very inspirational messages every time she ministers and here is a bit of what I picked from her, you are beautiful, you are strong, you are daring, you are courageous, you are inspirational, you are a role model, you are gifted and graced!

Rev Natasha Receives Heroic welcome in Nigeria, Offered State Security

Something else that is woman of God is gifted with is her incredible, exquisite and expensive sense of style. Her fashion and style is such an inspiration to every woman out there and she is proving that you can be saved and still slay within gospel limits.

It is not a surprise that her ministry has listeners from all over the world and surely when God’s favor is upon you nothing can stop you, you are just unstoppable.

Having style is one thing and mastering your style is another so one has to continuously keep up and continue re-inventing their style day after the other.

Rev Lucy Natasha is a household name in the Country, she is one of Virtuoso female preachers that this nation has ever produced.

And when opportunity gave itself chance, she grabbed it with both hands. They say opportunity only come but once, and if you miss your golden moment then that’s it.

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Why Rev Lucy Natasha Deserves Presidential Award
Why Rev Lucy Natasha Deserves Presidential Award

The firebrand preacher understands that, nobody gets the second chance to make the first impression.

Everything she touches usually turns to gold, and that’s why Dominion Christian Church which she shepherds have grown in lips and bound.

Rev Lucy Natasha has proved that what is sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander.

She plunged herself in the male dominated field, and she is doing a very fantaboulous job.

With Rev Lucy Natasha, what you see is usually what you get. She is not like other known Nairobi preachers that preach for their stomachs. She is a virtuous woman, who holds and carries herself with at most dignity.

She knows that the office she hold’s, is a very sensitive office. And she is very careful how she lives her life, because she knows is the devil cannot come, he usually sends someone.

Rev Natasha Salutes Her Supportive Biological Mother.

Besides that, she is a Daughter to the popularly known City Preacher, Esther Wanjiru Mugambi of Maximum Miracle Centre based in Kawangware.

According to Reverend Natasha, being raised up in a religious family has contributed much to her Career as a Reverend. It seems that she mentored by her Mother to spread the word of God

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