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Process of Owning a Firearm in Kenya

The Process of Owning a Firearm in Kenya

In this article, we will take you through the Let start the Process of owning a firearm in Kenya Anyone looking to own a gun is mandated to go through a laid-out process as per the Firearms Act.

The first step is to report to the nearest police station to your area of residence and submit a formal request to own a gun to the Officer Commanding Station (OCS)

You will then be furnished with a form to fill. The form will also indicate the various documents that are mandatory for any gun owner. Let start the Process of owning a firearm in Kenya

Documents Required To Own A Firearm are listed as;

  • A letter detailing why an individual is looking to own a gun.
  • A letter form a psychiatrist confirming that one is of sound mind.
  • A police clearance certificate also known as the certificate of good conduct.
  • Certified bank statement to ascertain that one has a steady source of income.
  • Clearance letter from the police station closest to your residence – the letter should be stamped.
  • 4 Passport photos.
  • A copy of the National ID or Passport
  • Incase the applicant has had any incident or run in with any sort of criminals, he/she is required to provide the OB numbers for any filed cases.

The firearm applicants will then be directed to wait for the next interview.

According to Onyango, the internal vetting process usually takes an estimated 3 months, depending on the workload at the licensing board.

The applicant, under normal circumstances, is then called for a final interview before being directed to pay Ksh5,000 for the official certificate. (It used to cost Ksh2,000 but was reviewed to the new amount).

At least 4,000 civilian firearm holders were declared armed and dangerous following the expiry of the ultimatum.

The operation further saw the Ministry introduce biometric cards for the gun holders in an effort to curb crimes that involve the use of weapons.

The card with a microchip would have a gun holder’s details, Matiang’i explained.

Kenyan civilians had acquired 70,000 guns for personal use by June 2018, Geneva-based Small Arms Survey says. 

Process of Owning a Firearm in Kenya
Process of Owning a Firearm in Kenya|| Courtesy

Valid Firearms Clearance Certificate

Civilians applying to own a gun in Kenya are required to have a certificate of clearance from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and to also fill a form with the Kenya Firearms Act.

Applicants must also pass background checks such as mental checkups to ascertain their mental state before being handed a firearm.

Valid Firearms Training Certificate

Applicants must be adequately trained in the use of small arms and hence handed a certificate proving they are indeed fully trained.

Civilians are only allowed to own small arms and guns such as Ak47, G3 and MP5 are not open to ownership by civilians. A proposed amendment, Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2015, provides for imprisonment for life for those found in possession of this category of firearms.

Firearms issued to civilians should not be fitted with a silencer or flash while the number of firearms one can own is not regulated by the law but no one should own more than one gun for their safety alone.

The reason for Owning a Firearm

One is required to prove their need to own a firearm and self-protection is never a legit reason according to the police as they are more than capable to provide protection to the public in most circumstances.

One could, however, get a firearm in extreme cases where their statuses expose them to the risks of criminal attack; s/he would be allowed to possess a gun for personal protection if you follow the process of owning a firearm in Kenya

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