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What Uhuru Did After This Man Caused Drama Blocking His Motorcade

What Uhuru Did After This Man Caused Drama Blocking His Motorcade

The police have finally spoken on what will happen to the middle-aged man who attempted to stop President Uhuru Kenyatta motorcade in Lucky Summer, Nairobi.

Earlier, the man is seen in a video that has gone viral standing by the road together with other people as they were shouting waiting to see the President’s convoy.

The man however decided to jump infront of the vehicle that President Uhuru was in forcing the driver to stop before the bodyguards came out of the vehicles and removed him.

The president then rolled down the window of the car and started to wave at the area residents who started to cheer before the vehicle sped off.

Nairobi County Regional Commander Augustine Nthumbi has come out to reveal what will happen to the man who caused the incident saying no action will be taken against him.

What Uhuru Did After This Man Caused Drama Blocking His Motorcade

Nthumbi said the man did not break any law adding that he was only excited to see President Uhuru but said his way of attempting to get Uhuru’s attention was wrong.

According to Standard, Nthumbi has however warned members of the public from acting that way as he said in future they will be well prepared to handle such.

“What the man did does not conclusively amount to a breach of the President’s security. He was only excited and wanted to catch the President’s attention. Unfortunately, he chose the wrong method to catch the President’s eye.”

“His action led to temporary disruption of the procession. The President’s bodyguards and our officers, however, managed to rein him in. For now, I can say there is no police or legal action that we’ll take against the man,” said Nthumbi.

Here is the video.

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