The Good Deeds Ambassador Governor Mike Sonko Offers To Pay 300K Child Support For Voi Base Commander Who Forcefully Handcuffed Him In Dramatic Arrest.

Mike Sonko

The dramatic arrest of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko in 2019 made airwaves with videos circulating online capturing the embattled county chief being roughed up and put in cuffs.

In a rare occurrence, Sonko has demonstrated acts of kindness after he identified the officer who reportedly assaulted him during his arrest through a video circulating online.

The officer is caught up in child support woes with the mother of his child.

In the video, the officer who has been identified as the former Voi Base commander, Mr Mureithi is being roughed up by a woman who claims to be the mother of his child.

video of the madam demanding 300k for voi base commander child support

Further, Mureithi is reported to have neglected his child and dubbed a dead beat with child support arrears of up to Sh300,000.

Taking to Facebook, Sonko intimated that he has forgiven the commander for assaulting him during his arrest and offered to pay the child support arrears.

The Voi Base Commander who handcuffed me becomes a dead beat dad. I do not support domestic violence. I condemn the use of violence in any relationship but pole sana my friend Mr. Mureithi the recently retired Voi Base commander who forcefully handcuffed me with two pairs of handcuffs just to board a police chopper during my arrest at Voi,” reads the post in part.

Further, he added, “My humble advice to you, if the baby the woman is alleging is really yours kindly accept the responsibility its just normal part of life and since you are now retired, I’m willing to pay for you the 300,000/= upkeep the woman has been awarded by the children’s court.”

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