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What’s the Future of SMS Marketing in Kenya?

What’s the Future of SMS Marketing in Kenya?

As marketers, we face difficult challenges every day. Our job has one key purpose: to steer new business for the companies that put their trust in our skills. SMS marketing in Kenya is now growing, and we can expect even more to happen over the next several years.

In being an effective marketer, you have to regularly stay on top of the latest improvements and evolutions. You need to know what’s happening across different marketing channels and technologies.

Since the evolution of SMS, it was predicted to become outdated in no time and as data-based messaging apps emerged. When the SMS emerged, it moved so slowly until it finally increased its recognition. As of now, SMS Marketing has held its place and doesn’t seem to be disappearing any time soon.

If you have found yourself asking this question, “Is SMS marketing in Kenya still relevant,” continue reading on. It’s ascertaining to be not only the past and present but also the future of communication.

It might look like holding on to the use of SMS is outdated, but data suggests that the SMS is very effective and efficient since most of these messages are being opened within the first 3 minutes, this is predicted to be the future of communication.

Why will the SMS Marketing still work?

  • Worldwide reach – The SMS transmission requires a mobile phone with active service. Either it is a smartphone or a regular one, an SMS can be delivered to anyone with a phone. While 4.5 billion people have a mobile phone around the world, only 2.53 billion own a smartphone leaving out 2 billion people from the realm of internet-based marketing strategies that work only on smartphones.
  • Response rates – The SMS has over 90% response rate. A text is concise carrying only the relevant data and always carries a call to action. When a company informs customers about sales, discounts, offers, or new products, it only takes a few seconds for the customer to read the message.
  • Return on investment – Studies have shown that almost a third of consumers will respond to your Bulk SMS messages, and close to 50% of responders will end up making a purchase. Comparing these findings with those of email, voice calls, or instant messaging apps, it is fairly clear that the return on investment (ROI) from SMS marketing is higher than other channels of marketing.
  • Personalization -Marketers will be able to set more precise triggers, and machine learning capabilities that can lead to even more personalized campaigns. With the current performance of SMS as a marketing medium, these advancements in personalization and automation will undoubtedly lead to even more improved engagement rates and, ultimately, better sales.
  • Integration with More Channels –With considerate planning and preparation, some of the more forward-thinking marketers also productively use it together with other channels like push notifications, instant messaging, social media, and search. This is where a marketer need to be keen when selecting bulk SMS provider to use in SMS marketing.

Currently, some of the most influential marketing software is already making some of these scenarios possible. However, apps will continue improving and further increase SMS’ value.


The recent success of SMS marketing shows that it is here to stay. As brands’ advanced use of the channel drives its progression and wide acceptance, it should become even more valuable.

Ultimately, it will take its rightful place together with email as an indispensable medium for marketing communications.

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