The DCI Academy and Courses

The DCI Academy is dedicated to being the regional premier law enforcement learning and research center and an advocate for law enforcement best practices. It is the institution tasked with training in matters of investigations in the National Police Service.


The C.I.D. Training School was established in 1957 to enhance the Kenya Police capacity and efficiency in criminal investigations. In 1969 the CID Training School was relocated from City Centre to South C where it is currently located.

The School housed both CID training and the then Special Branch Training before they relocated to the current National Intelligence Academy in Ruaraka.

The first commandant of the School was Mr. John Bell SSP whose tenure lasted up to 1966.

DCI Academy Profile

The DCI Academy is located in South C on the southern side of the city next to the Police pavilion. The school has enough classrooms and a state-of-the-art auditorium, there are two forensic classrooms and a computer laboratory which is to be upgraded to an e-learning Centre.

The School also houses the DCI Library maintains complete and up-to-date law enforcement information from around the world and offers a variety of audiovisual materials, legal publications, government documents, and periodicals, plans are underway to have it kitted with online resources to make it a fully functional E- resource Centre with current and up to date E-resources on Law Enforcement form all over the world.

Recreational facilities are available on the campus. There is a spacious field for sports within the school and a swimming pool in the adjacent Police Pavilion.

Commandant’s Mandate:

  • Efficient management and administration of the DCI school
  • Training of all police and CID officers on criminal investigations
  • Development of relevant criminal investigation courses and programs for the academy and other police institutions
  • The provision of liaison services for the DCI/Police and other training institutions
  • The provision of prudent financial management practices to ensure financial accountability
  • The provision of relevant investigation or security training courses to other government/parastatals/ organizations

DCI Academy Courses:

The School offers courses for the officers under the DCI, KPS, and various parastatals and government ministries. It also offers joint programs with foreign counterparts notably Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) of Germany and the Chinese Government. The courses offered by the institution are inter alia:

  • Basic Investigations course:
  • Investigations Course for Other Rank (C course)
  • Investigations Course Inspectorate (A Course)
  • Crime Management Course Inspectorate (D Course)
  • Police Promotional Courses – Across all ranks
  • Investigative training to other government agencies and Parastatals
  • Prosecutions

In broad strokes, the courses offered in the academy cover the following:

  • Managing evidence
  • Gathering intelligence
  • Managing a crime scene
  • Management/Leadership
  • Surveillance
  • Forensics/Criminalistics
  • Entering premises
  • Emergency life support
  • Use of force
  • Communication
  • Human rights
  • Race and diversity
  • Radio procedure
  • Road checks
  • Stop and search
  • Health, safety & welfare
  • Officer safety

The School is also seeking other partners in the field with a view of expanding the knowledge scope and best practices from all over the world. The Academy endeavors to become the Regional Centre of Excellence in all matters of investigation.

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