The Day Kalembe Ndile Conned Mike Sonko Ksh. 1 Million: 17th Dec. 2019.

Kalembe Ndile

I can’t believe Kalembe Ndile would spew the kind of nonsense I heard from him against Governor Mike Sonko after all he has done to suffer him. Let me give you real-life examples to know what kind of a fake friend Kalembe is and how much Sonko has suffered him against the opinion of even the best of his friends.

On the evening of Tuesday, December 17, 2019, twenty (20) of us “Friends of Sonko” met at his Mua Home to accompany him and offer moral support for Voi to answer “alleged assault charges” against him there the next day Wednesday, December 18, 2019.

We didn’t ask or want anything from Sonko and came ready in about 7 cars to go stand with him, it was the least we could do cos Sonko is always there for all his friends.

After supper and drinks, son in the morning but insisted on making sure we were comfortable for our noble trip.

Sonko gave Kalembe Ndile Ksh. 100,000 to fuel all the 7 cars full tank for both trips and gave him additional Ksh. 400,000 to share Ksh. 20,000 accommodation and food for each of us.

Sonko gave Kalembe Ndile another Ksh. 500, 000 ya kupanga ground after Kalembe said he had received confirmation from several groups that they were coming to Voi to stand with Sonko.

We agreed with Kalembe Ndile that we stop at Chumvi Shopping Centre to fuel and agree on Logistics. But believe you me, when we got to Chumvi, Kalembe Ndile was nowhere to be seen. When we called him he told us that we fuel with our money he will refund, which we did. We got to Voi, booked rooms for ourselves with our own money and Kalembe was no show.


We sighted Kalembe Ndile outside Voi Law Court around 11AM after the case was adjourned while driving out of Voi and stopped to ask him kuliendaje, he told us to find him at Voi Total Petrol Station along Mombasa so he can sort us as he had been instructed by Sonko.

But when we got to the Total Petrol Station, Kalembe Ndile had already left for Nairobi, it turned out he was trying to evade us cos he was already mteja. We called Sonko and explained to him what had happened and the Governor sorted us afresh and forgave Kalembe Ndile and never raised the issue ever again.

Since the case was adjourned and Sonko didn’t come to Voi, Kalembe Ndile didn’t panga any ground and after all, no women groups turned up, he had just lied to milk Sonko cash. And this is not the first time Sonko has sent Kalembe money to sort people na Kalembe akawaringita. Anyone who knows Sonko will tell you he doesn’t like people who don’t deliver on his promises.

As for the alleged Kalembe Hotel Bills, they are fake. Sonko doesn’t do credit. Kalembe pretends to receive fake delegations on behalf of Sonko in his hotel and every week asks him to sort bills running to over 200K as if Sonko is an ATM.

Kalembe’s financial woes started when he bought a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 on credit and now has to con people to meet monthly installments.

Too bad during Covid-19 pandemic Sonko is not doing any construction for Kalembe to con him car loan money by imposing himself as a fake foreman in his construction sites as he always does.

As for Kalembe’s alleged tractor, he has leased it to garbage collecting contractors of Nairobi County, not Sonko. Trouble is Kalembe wants to force Sonko to pay the contractors even for work not done so the contractors can pay him. But those who know Sonko will tell you his answer to such nonsense is always: Follow the Law.

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