Next On Ringo: Teresa Goes In To Talk To Julia Who Is Crying. Teresa Overheard Everything Julia Told Santi And Thinks That Julia Is A Very Good Person.

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Julia goes to talk to Santi who is adamant that he wants his mother and father to be together and they can’t do that if Julia is in the way. Julia suggests that she will step aside since all she wants is for him and his father to be together.

If his mother and father decide to be together she won’t get between them… but Santi has to agree to get along with his father. Santi agrees and thinks that they can be friends again. Gloria meets with her new boss (a creepy doll guy).

She shows him the orders she has picked up. He praises her and tells her about a call he got from a company in the States that is wanting a sample of their dolls. When he asks if she is willing to take that sample to Tucson the next day, Gloria quickly agrees.

Teresa goes in to talk to Julia who is crying. Teresa overheard everything Julia told Santi and thinks that Julia is a very good person. Julia just wants Ringo to be with Santi…she knows how much Ringo loves his son and doesn’t want him to suffer.

Julia tells Teresa she loves Ringo with all of her heart – he is the love of her life. Teresa wishes that Julia and Ringo has met under different circumstances.“Mama” Rosa cries, greeting her mother as she enters the door.

She tells her mother her fight was canceled. Rocio runs out and Rosa can’t lift her but goes down on her knees to hug her. Rosa tells her that she is crying because of the emotion she feels about seeing her.Julia tells Ringo about her talk with Santi.

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When she tells him about her promise to step aside, Ringo is upset as he does not want to leave Julia just to placate Gloria. Julia explains that they have to give Santi time to realize that he can’t force things to happen. Ringo insists again that he doesn’t want to leave her, but Julia tells him that they can’t be together for now…she asks him to help her keep her promise to Santi.

And as longing and regret set in, tonight’s saga ends. Episode 78. Ringo continues to insist that Julia shouldn’t have made that promise to Santi. After they are interrupted by one of Julia’s patients, Ringo goes to see Santi and invites him to go play football. At Rosa’s mom’s house, Rocio leaves the room, so mom asks why the fight was canceled.

Rosa tries to avoid telling her the truth, but breaks down crying and tells her about the accident and not having any strength in her arms. The doctors told her that if she fights and gets hit in the head, she could end up paralyzed.

Mom tries to console her by telling her that boxing is not everything in life…and they have each other…hugs, hugs. Ringo and Santi are playing in the park when Teresa calls him to tell him that Gloria is there to pick up Santi. As Gloria waits for Santi, she tells Teresa about her new job…she will earn LOTS of money. Teresa hopes that with all that money, Gloria can feed Santi better.

Guachin bumps into an old friend. As they talk, Renato, Teresa’s BF, passes by. The friend can’t stand Renato because he works at an old folk’s home and steals their retirement money (hmmm…is he sure?). Santi and Ringo arrive at the cafeteria. When Santi goes for his things, Gloria notes that Santi is no longer upset with Ringo.

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She warns Ringo that just because Santi is no longer angry with him, it does not mean that Santi will return to live with him. Ringo doesn’t know what stupidities Gloria has filled Santi’s head with, but he is sure that Santi will soon realize how wrong he has been. After Gloria and Santi leave, Teresa reassures Ringo that it won’t be long before Santi returns to them.

Ringo goes to see Julia and tells her that he and Santi spent a good time together, but he doesn’t like that they can’t be together. Julia doesn’t want to be an obstacle between Ringo and Santi. When Ringo tells her that he can’t be happy without her, Julia asks him not to make it more difficult. Ringo suggests that they can see each other in secret.

He mentions the dinner he had planned, but Julia tells him that they will have to postpone it…until things get resolved with Santi and Gloria.Alejo enters to see Ringo talk about Santi’s custody. After Ringo tells him that he will never be happy and shares about Julia’s promise to Santi, Alejo asks for details, but Ringo no longer wants to talk about it; he prefers to discuss the custody.

Manuel is meeting with Eva and Max. After Eva lists all the shareholders and their percentages, Manuel explains that it doesn’t matter because he and Julia still have the majority of the shares and they can vote Diego out.

As they continue to discuss, Julia enters; so, Eva tells her that she has the divorce decree in her office. Once in Eva’s office, Julia sighs in relief that she is finally divorced. Eva thinks that now Julia is free to be with Ringo, but Julia shares that there is an issue with Santi…she promised to stay away from Ringo.

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Eva wonders if Julia is sacrificing herself for Santi, but Julia clarifies that she is doing it for Ringo who can’t be happy being separated from his son.

At Turco’s house, Gloria is praising Santi for getting Julia to leave Ringo when Turco arrives dressed in his see-through white tunic and white pants. He is very happy that she returned…they were born to be together (yeah, yeah whatever, you poor delusional soul). Gloria pushes him away and reminds him that he kidnapped her.

Turco explains that he only wanted her with him and he didn’t know what else to do. He now realizes that he was wrong. Santi approaches and Turco wants to hug him, but Gloria tells Santi to go to his room. Gloria then tells Turco that what they had is over…all she wants is a divorce. Turco thought she had returned to be with him.

Gloria bluntly tells him that she only returned because this is her house and she is not moving from there! Turco realizes that Gloria is only interested in the house. When he tries to lecture her about being materialistic, Gloria tells him to take his corny ideas elsewhere. As Turco leaves, he tells her that life will give her what she deserves.

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